2 Down.....4 To Go

Well as of today Allen has been in Afghanistan for 2 months. I miss im so much and for some reason these last couple days have been crazy hard for me. I didn't get a call this weekend which doesn't help the situation. I just sent him another package and the guy at the post office was shocked at how much stuff I fit into one little box. haha. I guess I'm getting pretty good. Last night all I wanted to do was curl up and cry, but I wouldn't let myself so I just curled up with my Air Force blanket my grandma made me and my Air Force build-a-bear my man got me and wrote him a really long letter to put into the box. I thought it would start getting easier after a few months, not harder.....I wish he was just at basic because then the 8 weeks would be over and I would get to see him. :( 59 days down. 129 to go. Sorry about my depressing post....just had to get it out to someone, because I feel bad because I'm sure that my friends at school are getting sick of hearing me whine. haha.

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3 Responses Mar 16, 2010

Hey Hun. I read this post n I swear I could feel ur pain. I have a Friend who as been through 2 deployments with her husband n when I was down she told me..."it doesn't get easier u just learn how to live your life missing him but ur in the worse part n time has no choice but to keep moving so it will b over soon". I have thise days where I just wanna curl up to but we are military spouses Lol we can do this! I'm here if u wanna talk...o by the way we have the same birthday!! :)

awww hunni (hugss) I wish I could do something for you to make you feel better, or tell you things are going to get better..but they will. Remeber..God will never put too much on you that you cant bear. Remember that. It will be all worth it in the end.

aww hun! im sorry to hear how hard this is on you. & i know someday i will be in your shoes.. but i am glad you came on here.. if you ever need to talk, im here!