Graduation April 9th.

It seems so close but then so far away. My mom swears it's like tomorrow and she's freaking out about what we are going to do down there. I told her about all the possibilities like Seaworld, Six Flags, The Alamo, The Tower of Americas, Ripley's Believe It Or Not, The Wax Museum, and the riverwalk. (plz let me know if there is anything I left out) Oh and I also told her about going to a hockey game or a basketball game Friday/Saturday night so he can stay out later. Is there a way to reserve tickets to a game this early in advance and would my boyfriend have to sign something saying he'll be out late? How does it work? And I really want to walk the riverwalk with him because we once went there after our Summer Leadership School graduation and it was really romantic. But then I told Rocky's dad what I want to do and he said that the riverwalk is nothing special and that he wants to take Rocky to the coast. That wouldn't be allowed would it? I don't know...I'm sorta freaking out about it because I'm the one whose put in the middle and basically trying to make everyone happy. I wish I can talk to Rocky about it and find out what he wants to do. I mean it is his day. lol. In high school we were in JROTC together and for one of our field trips we went to San Antonio and watched a BMT graduation and during that whole trip we went to everything I named earlier except Seaworld and of course a game. So should I go ahead and plan that for Saturday? This is hard stuff and I'm stressing over it. I'm also stressing out about what I'm going to wear lol. I know Rocky won't give a big harry rat about what I'm wearing but I expect alot of pictures to be taken and I wanna look good. :) I sorta wanna get a pretty summer dress to wear but I never really wore one before and I don't want Rocky to think I'm not being me but then I don't wanna dress in jeans when he's gonna be in his blues...Ugh Idk! I'm just overthinking everything. So anyone else going to graduation that day? And I would like to know what other ppl did for graduation so I can get some ideas. Thanks!!!


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My Husband had a briefing on Saturday from 1-4 pm and he had to go back 2 hours early on Sunday (They had to get the dorm ready for the next weeks new recruits) Time went by really quick and it seemed like we barely had time to do much. We did got to the hockey game on Saturday it was allot of fun and he got to stay out to 10:30 and we got to drop him off at his dorm. Lots of time spent waiting, because you are not allowed to pick him up at his dorm unless you have a handi-cap pass. So you have to meet them somewhere that takes them 15 minuets to walk to. The river walk was nice too. Alone time was the best, if we didn't have family there we would of hid out in the hotel the whole time.

Awesome!!! sounds fun. I can't wait!!

So I was thinking about it and if we went to SeaWorld or Six Flags wouldn't Rocky have to be in his blues still? I think that it would suck to go there in uniform. But idk and oh Katie, I found out that there will be a Spurs Basketball game at 7:30pm on that Friday and on Saturday there is a Rampage Hockey gae at 7pm. And thanks for the info CVillan324