Cell Phone Usage At Bmt?

My bf is at a.f bmt and I've heard they get to use their cells but only when their T.I's say. The thing is last night @ 10 o'clock mst. he had logged into his myspace account. When I tried to call him though he didn't answer :( What happened?

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6 Responses Mar 28, 2010

Believe me, hun. He. Was. NOT. Online. Unless he is not at BMT...(seriously? no) He was not online at all. If his account is hacked, that's different. And how would you know if his phone was on?? Not possible. You're just a little paranoid...but it'll be ok.

Yeah, I asked my boyfriend, who is in tech school, about it too. And after he got done laughing (lol) he said the only way he could have done that was if he was dumb enough to break into where his cell phone is being kept and use it. Other than that there's NO way he would have access to his phone long enough to get on Myspace

My boyfriedn just graduated from tech and BMT and last night he read this and said" Theres no way he was on they don't have any access to computers EVER...so I dont know whats going on but he doesnt have the free time to have his phone and computer use.

Believe me he was on there. His phone was on too. No one knows his log on info either.

^ ^ exactly it. theres no way ur man was on myspace. even from his phone..cuz he has to use it for calls..

They're only allowed to use their cell phones when their TIs say they can. Other than that they keep them locked up. Does anybody else have your boyfriend's myspace account log in info? Thats the only thing I can think of.