He Got His Job : ) Aerospace Maintenance Hes On His Way To Sheppard

my airman got his orders. he is leaving for Sheppard AFB tomorrow morning. He is really excited about his new job. Aerospace Maintenance training at Sheppard is 4 months and he will be working on B-52 Bombers. I looked at some of those planes and they are huge! I think he will enjoy it. classes dont start until may so technically five months but he is still close. i live only 6 hours away from sheppard. so ill be visiting asap. im so happy for him.

LizzieK LizzieK
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2 Responses Apr 1, 2010

YAY. im sooooo happy for you guys.. im sure its huge relief to both you and him!

Awww!! That is soooo great!