Beginning Number Two - Tech School

He made it to Sheppard safely, woo. He texted me last night while he packed for 2.5 hours, and today through while he made his way by bus up there. Allll day we talked! It's such a dramatic change from two months of nothing, but he's the same old Seth. Well.. through texts haha. It's nice to have him there, knowing I can text him and he'll be able to read it and actually reply. (So girls going through or just starting BMT, look forward to the weekend they graduate, I hope you get the same thing I did)

He said he found out a lot more about his job as an Aeromedical Evacuation Technician. His class has only 40 people and his roommate said only 5 people passed when he did it last time (he had failed out). Apparently the rules have changed a bit and if you fail out of a job you get kicked out of the Air Force. Does anyone know if that's true? He's really nervous about it. I know he'll do great, he just has to remember to focus (which is good for me, because that means I can encourage him to stay on base and study THE WHOLE TIMEEE MUAHAHAHA) This job is important to him and he had picked out what he wanted to do before he even went to the recruiter, he studied and got the scores for the job, all he had to do was graduate BMT. Now he has to keep his head on straight, and try his hardest! He's so cute when he's nervous.

Oh, he also had to point out that he had "the most amazing shower ever" because at BMT the showers are short and he didn't feel clean after. Hm lol.

Anyways, I'm kind of being cautious about how long this dream will last. I'm sure it's only for today, and tomorrow I'm sure he gets into routine and the time we get to talk is cut into like an eighth. To be honest, I'm okay with that and I'm prepared. We will get to talk and I know these next 6 months will go by fast. I'm confident in our relationship and our friendship and that our love is the real thing. It's a nice feeling. :]

Before he left for BMT he gave me this quote:

"Immature love says 'I love you because I need you,' mature love says 'I need you because I love you'. "

We always thought that over the last 3 or 4 years our love had matured, but going through this process makes it true. When they get out of BMT (or anytime in this process) their love either matures or it doesn't. I got lucky.

Have a good night ladies!

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Yep-My hubby said the same thing and he is in the Aeromedical program too. He's in his 5th week and said it's really hard. He studies all the time. I mean ALL THE TIME. He said 19 people failed a big test they had yesterday and only 12 passed (him being one). He got a 70 though which means if he missed one more, he would have failed. They get one more chance to pass it. Those are the Block tests I believe.<br />
He's nervous he won't make it through because right now, this is supporting our family. And it will have been a waste of time if he fails out. But they will discharge you if you fail more than 2x and get washed back so many times. He said the Air Force is like overflowing right now so they want to get rid of the people who aren't excelling or getting in trouble. Which reminds me, I'm leaving tomorrow for Sheppard and his squadron is on lockdown!!! Some idiots got DUI's last weekend and an underage consumption. 2 of them were ropes! So there goes one weekend I won't get to spend all night with him. Good thing I'll be there for 2!<br />
Just tell your boy to behave.

so after talking to Mike, he said that 2 weeks after he left Tech school, they started washing back after 2 failed blocks & discharging after failing 2 more.... but if he is just getting there, there is absolutely NOTHING to worry about right now! just enjoy all of the communication you guys get to have again =]

YAY for your bmt adventure being over! Tech school really is so much easier :) Nick and I talk sooooo muuuuuch! As for the failing, I know that for Nick, and Ive heard this from a lot of other girls too, if he fails more than two block tests he gets washed back, and if he fails one more after that, he'll get discharged from the Air Force. But tell your guy not to worry and to just study like CRAZY! Its a pain now, but it'll pay off in the end when he graduates :) And dont worry about his feelings changing. Be confident and positive in your relationship and the only way to go is up :) Love the quote!

youre going into it with the right attitude! Mike & i talked A LOT during Tech & i think i have it to thank for making my relationship much stronger because BMT was all about him but during Tech he had a lot of free time & wanted to hear all about me & my school & everything =] <br />
as for the getting kicked out if you fail a job, Mike has a friend named Vino that failed out of his job initially & he got put into Mikes job after & had to do Tech school all over again for that, but i still think its way better than getting kicked out.<br />
it is my OPINION that the AF will not kick you out for failing out, they see your man as a resource & i do not think that they would just "throw out" valuable resources like that, i would like to believe that they would give him the opportunity to succeed at something else. but like i said thats my opinion & what makes sense to me & what the AF actually do are usually completely different...<br />
however, i will ask Mike tonight & will post his answer =]