Beast Week

My boyfriend had beast week this week. I heard they got to call after they were done with beast week. Is this true?

airforcegirl airforcegirl
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8 Responses Apr 9, 2010

i got a call today :) was so so so nice.. we talked for 15 mins..and only 10 days left till graduation...really happy day

I didnt get a call. I know that you should never get your hopes up because its all up to their TIs and most of them are not very nice, but I did. I got my hopes up and Im crushed now that he couldnt call. I know Im almost done and I have to stay strong. Its just hard. I wanted to hear about how BEAST week was and I just wanted to hear his voice. Im sorry to be so negative, I just needed to get that all out.

yes, they will be done on friday.

and thanks girls!! :)

they get done on friday night right?

All depends on their TI and how well they did. I got one the day they got back....but it was also Christmas Eve lol Fingers crossed that you get one though :)

ok thanks! hopefully his TI is feeling nice..i think he is really moody lol sometimes my bf says he isnt too bad but other times he is horrible..i got my fingers crossed. thanks

It depends on their T.I. I didn't get one.