Courthouse wedding...would i still wear my wedding dress?  Or should I just find something simpler from Ross?

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james changed his mind on the blues. now he wants to do a little beach theme type court lol. (his DREAM wedding is the beach of england)

WEAR THE DRESS!!! (you already have it so why not?!)<br />
Also..i do think that will make for a very attractive picture with James in his Dresses-up BLUES outfit!<br />
<br />
:-) Jai


Thanks ladieeees :]

so i know you're going to wait and talk to james....but i thought i'd give my vote!<br />
<br />
i say wear that gorgeous wedding dress and james should wear his blues and you'll have beautiful pictures =)

Yea I'm stilll stuck lol. I'll just wait til tonight!

I'm glad you posted this because I wasn't sure what to wear either.. I didn't know if there was still the dress and suit, or if you could just go in something that you'd probably wear to church. lol

You better wear that dress!!!!! No matter where its at...its still YOUR DAY!! You better work it (my gay man's voice..again) lol !!

Thanks ladies :] There are a lot of different opinions on this, so I'm gonna talk to James first and see what he's doing. And if I don't wear the actual dress, I'll prolly wear that white and brown one on my facebook from my bridal shower! P.S. Yall rock!

If you already have the dress I say go for it! :)

Go with your heart darling~ I think you should make the most of it in every way~ But definitely talk to you fiance about it too~ :D I'm soo excited for you