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Hi, I'm Kelsey and I'm new here. My boyfriend just got to Lackland for BMT last night, and so far I'm doing pretty good. I know it's going to get tough though because he celebrates his 20th birthday and our two year anniversary while in Basic. :(. His recruiter told him that he will graduate on June 11th, but I'm not sure how accurate the date is and I don't want to buy my plane ticket and the date end up being changed. How likely is it that he will graduate on that date? Hopefully the date doesn't change because I have it all perfectly planned out because my last final for school would be on Tuesday or Wednesday and I would be there for the Run on Thursday. So I'll focus focus focus on school and as soon as it ends, I get to see him! :) Any advice or tips on anything from graduation or visiting during Tech school?? Or what happens after Tech school? :)

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Thanks for the advice everyone, I'm sure I'll be on here a lot in the next couple of months. And Des, did his recruiter tell him he should graduate on June 11th? I just want to clarify. I haven't gotten a call yet :( so I can't write to him just yet.

Hi, welcome to the site! The graduation date should be pretty much accurate, unless he gets hurt or screws up really bad. My guy is in week 3 right now so I don't know much about tech school or afterwards. Just make sure you write to him everyday. But don't expect him to write back, because he may not be allowed to, but your letters will keep him going.

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Hmm let's see. The earlier you book for graduation, the cheaper things will be. Most girls have said to find a hotel close to the base so that you can spend time at the hotel with him rather than out doing site seeing. That and you can have the most time with him since it will only take a few minutes for him to get back to base by curfew. I'd say get there Wednesday and leave Sunday night or Monday. That way you get to experience everything and have as much time with him as possible.<br />
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I think the best time to visit in tech school is during phase 3, which is usually a month or a month and a half into him arriving granted he doesn't get phased down. I haven't gotten to that part yet because my boyfriend started tech last week. He'll let you know when he thinks is the right time. Also, he won't know anything about what's happening after tech until he get's his orders like a month in. I think that also depends on his job and when he starts classes. <br />
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If you have time to look through stories on here, that's really helpful. :]

i think, from what i have heard the only way he will not graduate on time is if he does not pass his exams in the end, fools around, or he gets injured physically . But as long as he stays on top of things and does what he is told he will graduate on time. :) if you wanna take the safe way is get a refundable ticket. :) and if you want the cheapest get it now or asap

Well the Run is at 8 so you might want to get there even Wed night if possible. And my bf's anticipated graduation is the week before. And I'm putting money together right now to book the trip. I'd advise you to book something asap WITH the trip waiver thingie so if he doesn't successfully finish in the 8 1/2 weeks. But you should definitely get something booked asap to get the cheapest. But welcome to the club darling <3