Tears Of Joy

This whole week i have been hoping for a letter and never got one. But my intuition told me there was a letter coming. Well my intuition was right. :D My boyfriends mom just called me and told me she recieved a 4 sentence letter from Jon (my boyfriend i dont think i ever mentined his name :D). Our visitors pass came with this letter. he said that he could not write long and that me miss and loves everyone. and he says mom take care of anything karen needs  (so sweet) and he says please tell karen that i am fine. then he says see you all in a month loved johnny boy (his nickname).

i swear he knows me so well cause i am ALWAYS worring for him :). i never knew a sentence can bring so much relief and joy and tears haha.... it is just really nice to hear from him. iono.. i am happy and wont stop tearing up... i cant stop laughing out of all the things he could have said to me he tells me "i am fine"... is this weird? i mean the way i am feeling?

sry if i am blabbing on and what not. i just wanted to share this with you girls cause u are the only ones that can understand how i feel.

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RachyG, he might not mail them to you. Chances are he'll give them to you Thursday of his graduation. Thats how it was when Nick graduated. And if he doesnt have your license number, then you'll probably just have to go a vistors pass yourself on Thursday. Its just for background check purposes. No worries :)

oh ok..i think thats the same thing... my boyfriend needed to complete. yours should be coming soon :D

Nope don't have a military id. He hasn't called about my license but he did have to put that on the visitor's form before he left?

iono... his mom received the letter she just called me to tell me that she has them. has he called you regarding your driver's license or what not? but if you have a military id then you don't need a background check. maybe he will be sending it soon. or its on its way already. :D

You got your visitors pass already too? The only thing I've gotten from Nick reguarding graduation was like a brochure with hotels and such in it and a letter that says everyone will get a backround check and a schedule? Is this something I should have gotten by now?

I know what you mean about the first phone call i was balling like crazy. and Thnk you! i am so happy and cant stop smiling lol

=) thats so exciting! I'm so happy for you. You would never think that a short letter would bring you so much happiness and contentment but it does. Especially when you don't get much communication. And about the tears dont feel bad. When Daniel (my bf) got to call i started crying when I answered the phone, I was so happy to hear from him. Congratulations! =)

i know what you mean. i love hearing from jon. just know he is fine and is thinking about me makes me happy. but i just realized that even though he has a cool TI, he is still pretty strict :(

haha nope. i was sooo giddy when i got my first phone call. and i was the same way when i got my letter.. it doesnt take much to make us happy =) and just one sentence can make our day.. your an USAF girlfriend... its completely normal =] CONGRATS by the way. i love hearing from matthew.