I Need A Bit Of Help From Everyone...maybe Some Ideas...

So...my boyfriend and I met on April 23rd, 2009.  He was supposed to be home from Iraq on April 23, 2010.  The volcano is throwing a wrench in all sorts of things.  Well...we planned to spend our "anniversary" if you will at the park.  They are playing a movie there...and it just so happens to be one of the movies I sent him while he was deployed that we "watched together"...sort of.  We chose a time to watch it so that we were watching the same thing at the same time.  You improvise on dates when there is distance...I digress....  Anyway, well he is coming home on April 24th at 2 or 3am.  He is really bummed that he will be missing our date and he has apologized more times than is really necessary.  We all know the military is on it's own schedule.  Anyway, I want to surprise him with something special.  It is going to be late/early when he arrives but I want to let him know that I do not care about the silly date...I am just happy that he is home.  I already had a special key chain that's a compass with the words "So you'll always find your way back home" engraved on the back with a key to our house.  I made him a collage of pictures that are hung in the hallway of tons of pictures that I got his friends to send me.  I made them all sepia tone and framed them in antique looking frames (they remind me of my Grandfather's military pictures from WWII).  I just want something special to greet him with.  I gave him a cute card and a six pack of beer at the airport for R&R (yeah...we're a classy couple...haha).  I just need a bit of help/ideas/anything.  Thank you so much!!  :)

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That is a great idea!! I don't have one but I have access to one through work. I hope it runs off of batteries because if not...I'll have to come up with something else. :)

Do you have a portable DVD pla<x>yer? Why not bring it, and the anniversary movie, and go to that park at night to watch it!!!