2 Days Till My Soldier Deploys =(

MY boyfriend and i have been together alittle over 5 months and we have deff had our share of ups and downs. I think alot of the downs has came from him being stressed out about this deployment.  Cause one thing i have learned is nothing is certain with the army ever. He was set to deploy May6th he lives 5 hours from me so i had planned to go the weekend before he left. I get a call 2 days before saying his date had been moved he would leave that fri. So thursday 7 am i was in my car driving to see him one last time before he left. Saying our goodbyes was really hard and emtional for both of us cause our relationship has just started to get serious. Anyways fri morning i get a call saying his date has been pushed back to may 6th again so once  again im in my car driving 5 hours to  get that last time in   it was even harder to say goodbye that time cause i think i have prepared myself but now  just dont know what to prepare myself for cause i never know what is coming next. This will be the first soldier i have ever dated that is getting deployed and it is so new to me.  I try to be strong for him cause i do not want him there worrying about me or how i am taking this. He needs to focus on keeping him safe and coming home to me. I have 2 days left before he leaves and i am falling apart in everyway. I Just dont know how to deal with not being able to pick up the phone and call him whenver i want to just say i love you or to just decide i am going to get in my car and drive to see him cause i got to missing him so much. I have known for months he was getting deployed but i guess it didnt seem real then but everyday now i know it is a day closer to him going and it breaks my heart. I have 2 kids and they adore and love  him he is so good with them. even though they arent his. My son is 4 and just worships him and my daughter is 4 months and he is the only man she knows. I have sat my son down and explained to him the best i could what is happening but at 4 he doesnt really understand but he does know brian is leaving to  and he cries it makes me so sad.  SO many people tell me this relationship is going to fail and  give my no support i am just at the point were i dont want to hear it and shut myself off from everyone .Does anyone have any advice on how to get threw this deployment and still be sane?

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Yea it isnt a easy thing to deal with. I barley talk to my boyfriend. i get a few calls but no emails he is way to busy on his facebook playing games then writing me. So i am kinda angry with him cause every free second i get i make it a point to email him and let him know how much i miss and liove him. I really dont think some of our guys understand what we go threw or sacrafice for them. But my advice to you is stay busy doing anything and dont try not to talk to people who dont know what your going threw cause no advice they give you wil prolly not be what you want or need to hear.

hi there,<br />
I know exactly how you feel!!!!<br />
i have a 3yr old to a previous relationship and she adores our soldier! <br />
He is leaving in a couple of weeks for his first deployment (fortunately it is not to iraq or afghanistan) and i am really struggling too! <br />
Friends and family just dont understand! all they say is that it is the life i have chosen!<br />
If you need to vent or just need someone to talk to then you are more than welcome to private message me!

you must stay busy and know there is always a way to communicate with him- skype email letters and send him care packages.