I was reading a lot of stories and they seem to really help.. I'm new to this site and i do have to say that i can relate to almost everyone. :) I recently started dating someone in the army.. He found out a couple of months ago that he was being deployed to Afghan in August..  I was pretty bummed that he was going to be leaving but I know that this is what he wanted to do and that i wasn't going to let that scare me away.. I'm having a tough time dealing with the thought of him leaving.. He only has a month in between his training this summer and then he is gone for a year... I know that i have to be strong and that its going to be tough.. Its great to know that there is more women out there that i can relate to because if your not in the situation then i think its hard to understand what your going through..  If anyone has an advice on how to deal with your army man/women leaving let me know :)


KChristensen KChristensen
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1 Response May 12, 2010

my husbands been gone for almost 4 months now, and the best piece of advice i could give you is to enjoy your time together right before he leaves. I spent every waking minute just hanging out and having fun with my husband before he left and that made it easier on both of us i think. Also, remember it's not goodbye it's just see you later! Time passes, although sometimes it feels like it doesn't, you just gotta remember that each day is a day closer till the next time you see eachother. Send him care packages, those made me feel closer to my husband and of course he enjoys getting them as well. It's also hard to stay busy sometimes, but you gotta try. And also expect that some days will be better than others. But keep looking forward and thinking positive! If you need anyone to talk to I'm always here as well. take care.