He Made My Night!

i went to eat with my friends tonight to help keep my mind off things and as soon as i pulled up to my house my phone rings and i look down and its him, i was SO exctied and suprised!! he definitely made my night, but it was so funny cause i have lost my voice so i was having to repeat myself cause he couldn't hear or understand what i was saying haha.. i also almost finished my box for his letters tonight, i have one more side to go until its actually done!! its too cute and it helped me out, so tonight i will be going to sleep with a smile on my face :) i also posted pictures up of the box i made so check it out and let me know how you all like it :)

lsandms2010 lsandms2010
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4 Responses May 14, 2010

thanks everyone!! yeah i love my box too its a great way to get through it and i had showed it off cause im so proud of it :) i even sent him some pictures of it cause i couldnt keep it a suprise i wanted him to know how much i care about him and how much he means to me.. even if it is a stupdi little box to other ppl!! && he LOVED it :) i got all the stickers and stuff to make it with at a scrapbook store! they had all kinds of different military things and it was hard for me to pick just a few things!! i am defintely looking forward to the letters i get from him so can start using it :) but thanks again for the comments! i hope yall enjoyed them and that yalls boxes turn out cute :)

I love the box too(: I think I am going to start making one sometime tonight(: and haha as for the phone call..I love when that happens(:!!

I stinking LOVE your box!!! I am so jealous girly!!!

omg i looked through your pictures and i LOVE your box. it is adorable. where did you get all the army pictures? like of the boots and army isignia? cos they were perfect. he is soo gonna appreciate seeing it when he comes home. =)