On A Whim

Am I crazy, I met him only a week  and half ago, but I've never felt anything so strong and amazing, he was home on leave from Iraq prior to him I avoided military men like the plague, I had heard from far to many girls and family about the long leaves, the tours, the cheating, you name it, but there he was. We met at a bar a friend of mine said he knew right away he was military because of the way he was standing and for some reason introduced us. It was literally love at first site, the second we shuck hands we walked away from all the noise and talked, held hands, and kissed. I knew I needed more of him. He was leaving for Vegas the next day, so in typical military fashion I had to wait. We talked and texted so many times through out the weekend. Sweet texts like here I am in the land of sin and your the only girl in my eyes. He had me from hello. He came over the night he got home and we spent the whole night in each others arms talking about life stories, families, or lives in general. I never wanted to let go. It was a reality though quickly sinking in. My new Army boyfriend was deploying on the 24th and was I ready too give everything up on a whim that maybe just maybe this would work. Yes I was. I've been married, divorced, several boyfriends, but never have I felt this way. We already talk of children and Marriage. Tomorrow he is coming over to spend our last night together, he's bringing over the guitar and dinner and we will spend the whole night in each others arms. I know I'm going to cry. It takes me months at least 6 to tell someone I love them and yet we already say it all the time. I have already announced my relationship of my boyfriend on a whim, with whom I vow not to cheat on and learn the worst kind of patience there is to learn. I know if we can get through this it will be an amazing relationship, I just will need alot help along the way. Thanks girls.

Jodie Pias in Love with an Army Man!!
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Thanks, I can't wait to see him tonight. It's so hard because I'm learning the hard sides to this, such as sharing him with everyone else :( I know it will get easier and this isn't the best life for someone as co-dependant as I am, but I also see it as the more I get used to it, the less co-dependent I'll become. He went to his good bye party last night an it was so hard because I could hardly talk to him but I do understand, I refuse to be that selfish. :( I miss him.

aww congrats! :)