Pre-deployment Blues

My boyfriend is an E6 in the US Army.  I am about to start teaching elementary music in the fall.  He is currently away for his one month of pre-deployment training at Fort Irwin, and I am beginning to understand the struggles of being away from him.  He leaves for his second deployment in late August, and two weeks into this experience I'm having a hard time, especially not being able to hear his voice.  I'm a very independent person.  I've been single for a while before, and I'm also typically extremely busy.  I have lots of friends and support and things to do and people to see.  But I miss him like crazy.  I realize it's something I have to take one day at a time, but I'm really looking for the experience of others to help me out.  I tend to do well in life generally when I find people that have gone through what I am going through and use their experience to help my own.  If anyone out there has my experience, someone in their twenties or thirties, that isn't an army wife but is in a committed relationship...or was when they had to deal with deployment, I'd really love to hear from you.

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1 Response May 24, 2010

hey! how are u? better i hope?<br />
<br />
im going through my first deployment with my soldier. its his 3rd but our first as an official couple. we have been friends through the others and ive always missed him...but this time its just different for some reason. so, i guess i dont have THAT much experience but wouldnt mind lending a shoulder or ear or whatever it is that you need. i think that there is never enough support from the people who know exaclty what you are going through. <br />
im also a pretty busy person. i have my own family, school, work...and this has all helped since Thomas has been gone. ive been hanging out with friends, going out, and just trying to live life like nothing has changed. even with all of this going on, im missing my soldier like crazy too! sometimes, i think i cant do it anymore...but i wouldnt trade this relationship in for anything in the world. i really am a PROUD army girlfriend! <br />
so yea, im here if you ever want to talk or chat. <3