It's Funny The Way Life Works Sometimes.

I had just come out of a 6 year relationship ended badly and was reconnecting with a lot of my old friends including my best friend of many years who I grew up with. One night online her brother was msging on aol talking to me about coming home on army leave, (him and I were pretty good friends as well) he told me hsi family was having a labor day get together at his parents house and that i should stop by. My son happened to be in football with his older sisters son so i talked her about it and she said it was an awesome idea because i havent seen much of the family in the last five years or so. So I stopped by. It was like he tripped me and caught me, we spend the whole weekend together adn it was history after that. We got engaged  on thanksgiving and are planning a wedding for sometime the end of summer so we can be together more and want to start a family. It is absolutely funny the way life works.
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Thank you :)

Wow.. That is wonderful!! Congratulations on meeting your Soldier and hitting off so smoothly. I wish you many years of happiness.. and oodles of well-behaved children!! :)

Your story is adorable! :)