Getting Married ... Deers? Tricare? Etc?

So I am happy to say I'm getting married to my soldier on July 6th :) We had planned on getting married later this year but they moved his deployment from next February to November, so we decided to get married on his week and a half off for the fourth. We're going to Mrytle Beach and getting married on the beach .. nothing fancy at all. Neither of us wanted anything big and we considered just going to the courthouse. But we went with a friend when she got married last year .. and the whole time there was some lady screaming about 10 feet away in the same room about how her mom just beat her up and they needed to arrest her. I'm sure thats not always the case .. haha but it just turned me off of courthouse weddings.

I'm not gonna move to Fort Riley with him because I'm in my senior year of college. Actually, I only have 2 classes left of my bachelors degree this fall so its clearly to late to transfer anywhere .. Also, since he deploys in November he has a month long training in the field coming up .. as much as it sucks it just wouldn't make sense for me to move there for 3 months just to move back to North Carolina again.

So I have a few questions about how I get signed up for everything after we get married. I know they've been answered on here before I even remember reading like a really detailed answer about the whole process awhile ago .. but it was so long ago I got through like 30 pages and still couldn't find it so I'm hoping someone can help me out! We were told we could go to any military base to get me signed up. So since he'll be home at the time we were just gonna drive to Fort Bragg cause its like 80 miles from here. I know I need to sign up for somethign called Deers, and that I need a military ID, and to get signed up for Tricare. Is there anything else in addition to those? Also, what order do you do it in and can it all be done in a day or two? What exactly do we have to have with us when we go and where exactly on base do we go. I tried to get my fiance to figure all this out .. but what can I say he's not a planner .. he thought we should just show up to Fort Bragg and ask the people at the gate where to go .. but I'm like what if we don't even have what we need with us? haha .. so yea I'm trying to figure this all our for us. If anyone can give me any info about the whole thing I'd really apprecitate it.

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Try the Tricare website...look around. Sometimes having one type of insurance is less benificial to your area than another. I have Prime but I also live right here next to Riley. Stardard has fees but it allows you to see a civilian physican. Prime remote (idk details) is another type. I would definitely look at the site. There is a wizard to help compare the types and select the one best for you...

No...I went to the Army hospital on post. I am not sure how to change it any other way. I only changed it a fews days ago...I didn't know how to back in VA cause we lived in the middle of no where and over 2 hours from the nearest military installation. =/ Yeah..we got married and he left the next day. November feels so close! I plan to stay here while he is deployed...find a job, take some classes maybe? Hey, I recently bought this book...Married to the is pretty informative. It helped me alot but my husband also has 4+ years left on his contract. We are starting at the, I don't know if it would be as helpful to you as it was to me. If you have any other questions...I can try and answer them but I am still pretty new at this myself.

ShannyLee .. Congrats to you to! I'm not gonna live on base .. not right now anyways. He deploys in November and we have a lease in our apartment in North Carolina for another year anyways. It sucks that our first year and half of marriage will be spent apart but it just doesn't make sense for me to move to Kansas when I know I'd end up moving back when he deploys. When he gets back from deployment next year I will probably move to Fort Riley with him. But he will have less than a year left in his contract so we don't even know that for sure yet .. I should have my Masters in Accounting and CPA license by then and if I end up getting a great job straight out of school I might stay here. People probably think I'm crazy for that but we both kind of agree on it and we always consider our apartment in NC as OUR home he never calls the base home.<br />
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4evanalways .. rhanks for the info that definitely helps some. What you said about the tricare I know there are different kinds or whatever you said you went to a hospital to change it? Do you mean just any hospital? I need to figure that out to cause I know like the most basic type is just where you get all your medical care on base or something but I won't be anywhere near a base I really need the kind where I can go to civilian doctors and stuff haha. Me and my parents are trying to figure out if I can just stay on there insurance too because I know with the new health care bill crap you can stay on your parents insurance even if your married starting in October but I don't know how it would work from July to October ahhh. As long as I have some insurance I'll be ok. You live at Fort Riley huh thats so cool! I've been there once back in March I went and stayed with him for a week over Spring Break. It was definitely really spread out haha it was so different than Fort Knox which was the only other one I've been to so far. He's been home the last couple of times and is coming home again in July so I dunno if I'll make it back out there before he deploys in November .. but I might be moving there next year when he gets back!

Ft. Riley is really nice...really spread out...but nice. Have you visited? We moved out here a few weeks ago...I like it.

It sucks they moved it up. My hubby's gonna miss my b-day and our one year in the first month he's gone =(<br />
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You'll need your drivers license, social security card, marriage license, and birth certificate to get enrolled into DEERS. Most places you'll need an appointment to do that. I ended up having to send my husband all that and he had to enroll me when he was at Benning. He then sent it back with a specific (special) POA to deal with DEERS, IDs, and Tricare. I took all the things I said earlier to the nearest RAPIDS site (I had to make an appointment) and got my ID. You are also gonna need a general POA before he deploys. He'll need to update his will and live insurance too. Tricare....I have no idea how to do that. I live off post so I just went to the hospital and switched to Prime and registered there. I suppose that would work for any Tricare office but you have to be in DEERS before you can do any of this....I hope some of that helped a lil. Hopefully you two will be able to do all that together while he is there...I'd call ahead and ask before making the long drive to Ft. Bragg. Well, Congrats and good luck!!!

ahh your getting married a week before me :) congrats thats super exciting, and ive been wondering the same type of questions, lol and my fiance isnt a planner at al either, he just thinks he has to tell someone and it will be all good, but i have heard about deers and stuff, hopefully someone can give tips! are u gonna live on base?