Army Girlfriend

my boyfriend left for the army two months ago. i have seen him once since then after a 7 hour journey. I miss him so much and i'm starting to make up reasons to fight with him so it's not so hard when i don't see him.

All my girlfriends are seeing people and it gets really lonely when i'm the one in on my own on a saturday night.

to be honest, i dont see how our relationship can progress properly from here. i'm going to university next year and it will be even harder.

I'm just putting this out there in the hope that people who feel the same will comment and share their stories

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hey, please dont give up.<br />
Sometimes it feels as though your completly alone and noone else can understand the pain you feel when your away from him.<br />
You might not be happy with the situation at the moment but the feeling that cant possibly be described when u see him again by far outways how down u feel at the moment. Just stay strong, keep busy, arrange girlie nights and keep in tuch with him and I promise ull be fine xxx

Hang in there girl im not a army girlfriend im a marine wife and my husband has been deployed two months after we got married our whole first year of marriage and the last two years of our relationship have been spent in seperate states it doesnt get easier but if its ment to be it will find a way it may feel like ur all alone but truley ur not there are many wives from all branches going through the same thing ur going through it will all work out in the end just keep ur head up and stay busy it will pass soon enough

i know how you feel, it may seem hard at the moment but i bet that when he gets back that he missed you every day, every hour, every minute, every second and you guys will be as close as ever when he gets back so don't give up :)

my husband is in the army and it took a long while to get used to, but now i would not have it any other way him being away keeps our love alive and you can keep in contact via emails and phone calls. it is worse when they first join but it does get better i promise they say it takes a special kind of woman to be a squaddie wife gf hang in there and good luck x

Then you'd better vote for Obama so your man can come home alive and well, and soon.

Hey hang in there. My husband and I were just dateing when he left for his first tour in Iraq. I understand what you are feeling. We got through by emailing and IMing. Phone calls were hard to come by in 2004 over there. Remember the good times. Its just as hard on them being gone eventhough they are usually so busy they cannot thing about anything. Just support your man and if ya need to vent and talk I am here.

Hey:) My name is Erin and I know the feeling well... My boyfriend of 4 years joined the army after he graduated college last year... It was quite the jolt, since we're both young (he's 26 I'm 22) and we'd been together for so long, I find it hard to deal with him just up and leaving me...<br />
He was gone for a full 6 months of basic training and OCS... About two-thirds of the way through it, we had a week that I picked a fight each time we spoke...<br />
It broke my heart because I knew I didn't WaNt to fight with him...<br />
Where is your boyfriend?

Don't give up! I know exactly how you feel my b/f left for basic in April and its been very hard but it does get easier..just try not to fight and don't worry about everyone going out on Saturdays, go out with a group of girls every once in awhile and have fun that way! And as for going off to college (I'm going through the exact same thing here too) just remember that you wouldn't see him every day while you were at college anyway and that he is worth the wait! And remember we are all here for you to talk to!

i really like ur advice! its soo true!

yes it's hard to be alone. but if your meant to be then you'll get through it. i'm going through the same thing but i know that i wouldn't change it for the world because i love this man and he's the only one for me. you just need a good support group of people who know what your going through, it really helps. i'm here if ya need me

I know how you feel staying in while all your friends go out! Or even, going out and still feeling alone!<br />
Hang in there!<br />
If what you have is meaningful, it's worth anything you will go through.<br />
How can one fun night match a lifetime of true love?<br />
Your relationship will develop, but on a different track than most people experience. It's full of rough times, but you'll have the most powerful high times ever! I promise!<br />
I've only been an army girlfriend for about five months, but I can tell you... I rarely look back. Send me an e-mail if you need any help! Take care!

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