hey ladies!!

how are you?

I'm tired...trying to  back into the swing of things after two days in hot SC. Things are moving so fast now, hence the title!! It seems like just yesterday TJ was home being goofy and acting crazy...but now it seems like he has this pride about being a soldier and i love it. He's in AIT now in Ft. Belvior VA and hes been able to text me everyday in the afternoons...and you all know thats a BIG change from BCT. He doesnt know where he'll be stationed at yet, he picked Ft. Bragg, Germany and another one but i cant remember what he said lol. Im hoping and praying he gets ft bragg...1 because we live here already and we wouldnt have a big shock for our first time living together...we already know the ends and outs, and plus i wouldnt have to transfer schools lol. Two, I dont know how I would take being so far away from my family, i dont think i would bother me that much if i had been out on my own already but this is my first time and i would be on another continent. But me and TJ talked about it and we both know its time for us to step up and be adults and we're preparing ourselves for it. Well ladies i guess thats all for now...I hope all of you have a blessed day!!
Jazzee08 Jazzee08
18-21, F
Jun 28, 2010