Does It Get Any Easier...

...Knowing the boy I love more than anyone is out there fighting for me in Afghanistan  is so amazing but scary. I miss him so much. Is there any way to get over it? I don't know how long he'll be gone... but I love him so I'm trying to deal... ughhhhh:( Help?

I stayed up all night last night watching Dear John, Crying. I feel pathetic, but I cant help missing him with every fiber of my being
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hang in there!!! Its hard I know but it will be worth it!!!

Oh try and stay strong girly! I don't know what to say that can help. But I'll be in your boat here in a few months. :/ I'm trying to deal with it early so that it isn't as hard when he is gone. But we'll see! Feel free to message me if you ever need to talk!

lol Oh believe me girl, I know everything there is about "amazing" and "scary". I mean, the boys and girls are out there doing their thing is one...and fighting for each other is another! If anything that I've learned from the army is that your buddy will always have your back, so your baby is in good hands. I found what help me not to worry so much when my guy was in Afghanistan...was to keep a journal at hand and to write everything out. The thing about you and I is that when he left we weren't really a couple (I wrote my experience out; it's on my profile) and because we weren't a couple, I cried a lot because I didn't know if I was waiting on nothing or on something. So I think it's awesome that you are in a relationship. However, getting over it isn't quite as possible doncha think? You think about him a lot, worry, and wonder what he's up to. But he's also thinking the same thing. Know that he's thinking of you also, wonders what you're up to and worries because his job isn't the easiest! If I can leave you with any piece of advice, it would be that communication is key, writing your thoughts out helps to alleviate some pain, and to keep yourself busy so that your pretty face isn't in tears. <br />
<br />
If you need anymore advice, I am just a message away. =)

haha cute(:

Haha me and Leo will probably just cuddle and kiss an talk during it(: it's just probably going to be an act for my parents

We tried also to watch this. We love each other to death but it's not a guy movie for sure and it's not my thing either. It is a good movie. It's just not one that I would normally watch or ever watch again

lol my guy and I watched. Lol, we found out we're not into sappy movies like that

It's one of mine too, when he gets a break I'm going to make him watch it with me. When he's on break's or on leave, I'll be with him every second

dear john is jake and i's favorite movie