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Well, my soldier and I have had a rocky road. We met about three years ago, started dating, fell in love, all that good stuff. We've been through a lot through the course of our relationship, and it tore us apart a few times, but we always found our way back together. He has trouble showing people who he really is. He's fairly insecure, especially when it comes to us/me. After trying a semester or two of college, he decided he didn't like it and quit. When his best friend joined the Army, he decided he would try out the military as well. At first he was going for the Air Guard, but ended up getting injured and not being able to go through with it as planned. I was never big on the idea of him going in the first place, but he felt it was something he had to do. He wanted to be able to do something that would help him, and something that would help us to be financially stable enough to where we could get our own place finally. He enlisted for 5 years active and 3 reserves in the Army. We decided not to be together when he left, as he felt it'd be easier for him to go through this without worrying about me back home and feeling guilty and such. So I figured either this would tear us apart for good, or help bring us back together. He's been gone over a month now to basic and things have been going well for us. I was worried that this would completely change him, but he's actually started to turn back into the boy I fell in love with, which is amazing. We make a point of writing to each other everyday, and he calls me every time he can. He told me that the Army has helped him to be more open minded, and we've been talking about things we need to do to help "us". After being there a few weeks, he decided that when it's all said and done he's thinking he might like to go back to college. I haven't decided for sure yet if I'm going to his graduation next month, but I definitely think I'm leaning towards yes :) And I'm hoping that this experience will continue to make us stronger individuals, and a stronger couple.

Also- In his last letter he mentioned that the Drill Sergeant lost the keys to the mail does that mean he also can't send out letters? Because he writes to me everday, and I got three letters on Tuesday...I know the mail gets bunched up a bit sometimes, but I figured I'd go two days tops with no letters, but I haven't gotten any since Tuesday :/
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Thanks :) Yeah he dates every letter he writes and I date every letter I write. I told him before that I wasn't getting mail some days, and he said not to worry that he writes me everyday but the mail system gets really messed up sometimes :( It sucks. But I imagine there are a lot of letters going in and out everyday so they do get quite jumbled :( I just hope the Drill Sergeant found the key by now...I want him to get my letters lol.

Thanks! I love supporting him, and sending him letters knowing that he's anxiously awaiting mail call everyday, hoping to get a letter from me. :)

The army DEFF has the potential to change our men, usualy for the better! Just keep an open mind about things and be the best person you can be for your soldier. SUPPORT SUPPORT SUPPORT! Your love will grow even more i'm sure and things will work out in the end! :)<br />
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