Waiting Forever For A 3 Minute Phone Call, But Cherishing Every Minute...

I knew this relationship was going to be hard from the beginning. I met so many obstacles when I started dating Zeke. My friends could not understand why I would choose to start a relationship with someone who was leaving in two months and would be gone for half a year, but I couldn't help myself. I am a very private person but with in two weeks I knew that he was the one I wanted to be with for the rest of my life. I struggle getting close to people, but those two months that I spent with him were the absolute best days of my life. I got to know him on a deeper level, see past the hard exterior he often puts on and fall madly in love with him. I began to realize that what we have is unique. I can honestly say that he is both my best friend and my lover. He is the only one that I can talk to about absolutely anything, and that I trust completely with my thoughts and emotions. Before he left for basic, he gave me a promise ring, a tiny heart with a small diamond in the center. And he has done everything in his power to make our time apart easier on me. He created a scavenger hunt for me, and each week I open a new clue. It takes me about 3-4 days to figure out the clue, but it keeps my mind occupied and when I find the love letter at the end, I am filled with joy. In each letter he wrote about one thing that he loves about me. This has definitely helped bridge the gap of our time apart. In turn, each letter I write him I express one thing that I love about him. By doing this I can focus on him and somehow it doesn't seem like we have been apart that long. 
My bf was able to call me in receiving, so I was able to talk to him for a few days after he actually left. The first time he called was so hard.... he is usually a really tough guy but he called me crying, sobbing actually... it was so hard but comforting hearing him cry. Some how, because he trusted me with his saddness and worry I was comforted, I can't really explain why. He kept saying that he thought he made a mistake and that he was afraid our time apart would change how I felt about him. Everything inside me screamed that yes, this was a mistake, yes it sucked, and yes I was miserable, but somehow I found the right words to say. It was hard to encourage him and lift him up when I was so discouraged myself, but for him I'd do anything and I did. When we got off the phone, he knew with out a shadow of a doubt that I was proud of him and would support him and be there for him no matter what. Six months is a ong time to be apart but I know we will make it, after all love has no boundaries or limitations. And I will be able to fly down to see him when he graduates so I am super excited. I once heard that military wifes/girlfriends/fiances and their soldiers learn to cherish every moment that normal couples take for granted, and I now know how true that is. I take my phone everywhere, bathroom, shower, church, just waiting for that small 3 minute phone call. And though I wait for what seems like forever and sometimes become frustrated, I cherish those 3 minutes more than anything!
Right now it is really difficult, feeling all alone, feeling like I belong no where, but I know somewhere deep inside that it will not last forever. I sleep in his t-shirts, and can't bear to bring myself to wash them, b/c his sent still lingers. I write him two and three times a day.... first thing when I wake up, sometimes during the middle of the day, and before I go to bed.... I know that sounds like over kill, but it helps me so much and he says the letters are what keep him going so I continue. I know that when I read other's stories a I am uplifted so I thought, i'd share mine to hopefully encourage someone else. It is ok to cry, ok to miss them, but I've come to learn that we cannot allow this to consume us... it's how we deal with the pain that will determine whether we have a future with our soldier. I think that the military either makes or breaks a relationship and I am determined to make sure that this experience makes us a stronger couple. Though just writing letters is hard, I feel that I am growing closer to him. Instead of falling back on physical attraction we are forced to fall in love with each other as individuals. Don't get me wrong, I would way rather have him here, and be holding him. But it is nice to know that we truly love each other as individuals and are not just caught up in physical attraction. I am so excited for him to come home, and when he comes home in January we are getting married! I cannot wait to see what life has to throw at us, b/c I know that we will whether life's storms and come out only stronger. For everyone else out there who is missing their soldier, just know you aren't alone, and that true love whethers any storm, any fire.

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He is stationed at Fort Benning, GA. And yesterday, just when I was feeling like I couldn't handle one more day with out him I came home from work and guess what?! There was 7 letters and a card waiting in my mail box for me!!! All with his handwriting on the front! He wasn't able to send letters for a while, and I really felt like I was having a one sided conversation for a while, b/c I would write him twice a day, but wouldn't get any in return... I was so estatic! SEVEN letters and a card! I never thought I'd be this happy again until he would come home.

Thank you for posting this. I am sure many feel this but I am glad you actually wrote it. I wish you two the best

That is beautiful <3 And I know what you mean. It's great reading others stories and just being on here, knowing you're not alone during this. Where is he stationed for basic, if you don't mind my asking?