I'll Be Okay. (:


I hate not knowing.
I hate not being able to call him.
I hate wondering if he's okay.
I hate this military girlfriend life.

But I love him, and I love that he's doing this for us, our future.
I know I need to have faith, and that I need to chill.
But it's hard. And without this site, I'd be nowhere.

Thank you, ladies. (:
lovemysoldier3 lovemysoldier3
18-21, F
3 Responses Jul 9, 2010

awwh... hang in there sweetie! i totally agree with ya and understand how you feel. i hate not having my soldier either... but we CAN get through this! *hugs*

I hate not knowing either. But that call/email what ever it is will really make your day. Even if it only lasts 2 minutes. Just knowing he's ok makes the wait worth it.

It is the most difficult and rewarding relationships you will ever be in! My soldier left yesterday and my mom was with me and as much as I appreciate her being there all I wanted to do was get on here and talk to everyone. lol