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Well im new to being an army girlfriend. I met my soldier through the internet got to know him for a few months of just talking, and being friends we would chat on cam. Then later on we got together and i finally got to see him in person. We havent been together too long its been about 3 months. I got attached to him when he was here in Texas visiting since we would be together all day and go out have a wonderful time. I just fell for him i love him so much and he makes me really happy he always cheers me up when im down in the blue, makes funny jokes that i laugh at. I hated the fact that he had to leave back to where he was stationed at in Georgia. I felt lost after he was gone i didnt know how to act i felt so lost inside cause he wasnt by my side i miss him so much and i dont know when he'll be able to come again to visit since he might get deployed this fall which makes me really scared and sad. I feel like the urge to cry. But i know i have to be strong so i can be able to get through.
kimmy2012 kimmy2012
18-21, F
Jul 10, 2010