I'm An Extremely Young, But Devoted Soon-to-be Army Girlfriend, New To This Site

Hey guys, My name is Jenny and I'm new to this site. Me and my boyfriend have been going out for a year(well, on the 16th of this month it will be officially a year!) and he recently made the decision to join the Army. Here's a little bit about our relationship:
Me and Kyle met at church through mutual friends. The second we started a conversation, we literally connected within minutes, From then we were on the phone for hours each night 'till sunrise, just talking about different subjects and sharing our thoughts on life. Our spiraling relationship was on the DL though, because, and judge me not, we have a 4 year age gap. We wanted to prevent all the judgement and hatred we would receive hence the fact that he was 17 and I was 13, so at those ages gaps that large are a big deal. We continued talking for 4 months. I was a little skeptic, because I heard he was known for talking to a girl for a month or so, then spontaneously cutting off all connection. But I thought, after 4 months, he had to have broken the chain...right? Wrong. He began to stop replying to anything I sent him, stop calling, etc. Us girls know how it goes. I thought for sure it was over, but I still had hope. I didn't want to be one of those "obsessive freshman girls chasing after an older guy that wasn't interested" so I layed off. It wasn't until about 3 weeks later that I got a call off restricted at 2am in the morning. And, sure enough, it was Kyle. He was in England! And that's weird since we live in California! Turns out he had gotten in trouble over something dumb, and had no way of calling me before he left on his trip to England with his best friend's family. His exact words were "I've tried so, so hard to get your number. I brought my cell phone to keep in touch, but the outlets in England are a different size than over in Cali and I couldn't charge my phone. I turned it on after a while and it finally had enough saved juice in it for me to just jot down your number. Jenny you're the first person I've called since leaving, I haven't even checked up with family yet. I couldn't stop thinking about you and I don't know why, but I'm hoping you'll forgive me long enough for me to find out". I waited till he came home, and we've been together a year since.

I'm a model and Kyle's a sponsored, and very talented skater. He could go Pro easily, but Ky wants to follow in his dad's footsteps and become a cop for LA county. He can't become a cop until he's at least 21yrs. of age, so he decided he wants to join the military straight out of high school for four years, apply for a state university afterwards, and then pursue his cop afterwards. He was thinking the Coast Guards first, but he decided his best run would be to Join the US Army, enlist in the Army Rangers, and then hopefully build his way up to S.W.A.T. The benefits and the experience are perfect for him and I'm supporting him 100% of the way. My daddy has served in the Navy for 20yrs, and was gone a lot. I know a little bit about how this whole thing goes but my knowledge is just that of desperate internet research. Being young, there is really no one local to go through this with me, and I'm honestly scared. He's signing THIS summer and I still have no idea what to expect. But I know that I should just expect the worse, because I would rather have it be better than I expected than it be worse.

So PLEASE GIRLS! Send me a message, ask for my Myspace/Facebook, tell me how to use this oh-so complicated site, and for the love of God WHAT SHOULD I EXPECT?! I would love to talk to other girls about this, and to be taking in by all of your warm support.

-Jenny Brielle
jennybrielle16 jennybrielle16
Jul 10, 2010