From Army Girlfriend To Army Wife....

Hi ladies,

My soldier deployed on the 8th and oh is it hard. He was stationed in Georgia and I was (am)  in Florida for the summer doing an internship for school. So we didn't get to see each other every day like we would have liked but we drove to see each other every free chance we got. I was able to beg my boss to give me the 4th of July weekend off ( which having a weekend off is a big deal in the hospitality industry) so that I could spend time with my soldier and his family before he left. So 2 days before he deployed I had to leave to go back to work. We agreed that we would rather me use my off days to spend time together rather than me seeing him off because it would be too hard. So I left to go back to Florida knowing that he would be leaving in 2 days to go to Iraq. It was absolutely terrible knowing that he was about to leave and I was only 4 hours away but couldn't be with him. I was a mess!

 We knew that we wanted to get married, there has never been a doubt in either one of our minds. However, we didn't have time to plan a wedding before he left and we didn't want to get married and have everyone thinking that we were only getting married because he was leaving. So we decided to just continue with our plans for our wedding next fall. Well much to my surprise my boss ended up giving me the day off that he was deploying so that I could basically cry my eyes out all day. Well when I called my soldier to tell him that I had that day off he asked me to come see him off and to marry him before he left.... and of course....I DID. I drove up with my mother that night arriving at 3 in the morning. We stopped on the way and bought an adorable spur of the moment wedding dress and got my soldier a ring and bought me some roses. When we arrived at the hotel that evening my mother had arranged for us to have the honeymoon suite complete with rose petals, balloons,and tea light candles. haha completely cheesy and not either one of our style but it was fun, silly and something that we will always remember! We got married at the courthouse in the town where he is stationed and it didn't matter that it wasn't the "dream" wedding that I have been planning forever all that mattered was exchanging vows with the love of my life and seeing the way he looked at me with tears in his eyes and a smile on his face as he said "I do". We got married at noon and he left at 5 pm. It was by far the shortest honeymoon in history! lol But I could not be happier! He has such a great sense of humor he said "' well you know they say if you can make it through the first year of marriage you have done the hard part, Well baby since I won't be here the first 6 months it looks like we are gonna beat the hard part and be together forever!" LOL I just love his way of looking at things! We still plan on having our big dream wedding next fall and I can't wait to exchange vows with him again. He truly is the love of my life.

I miss him terribly but I love being able to call him my husband! I am now an official Army Wife! :) He will be home in December and I can't wait to start our lives together as Husband and Wife!

Praying for the safe return of my soldier and yours!
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Congrats!! This literally brought a tear to my eye! I am new to the site, but am so glad to have found someone with a story I can relate to. I have been with my bf about 6 1/2 years, and we talk about getting married all the time. He just found our he is moving to Germany in December & wants me to come, and of course I'd follow him anywhere. Now, our wedding plans are in fast-forward, and I was so upset to have to throw it togeth so quickly.<br />
This post just reminded me it doesn't have to be perfectly planned to be perfect! Thanks for sharing and reminding me what matters the most- being his wife!

Thanks Girls!

Adorable! Best of luck to you! =)

Thanks Girls!

Congrats!! I'm so happy. You're story was so cute! I loved it!! I hope your husband returns safely and you two have the times of your lives together.

Congrats on getting married girly!!!!! :) I am so happy for you!!!!!

Congrats!! I myself married my soldier last August and he's been in Oklahoma while I've been in Texas (he'll be here next week for good!) so it seems we're both bridal rookies!! I will pray for your new hubby and hopefully he's back just in time for the holidays!!

Than you! We are very excited! And Congrats to you also with your up coming wedding!

awe thats very cute :) congratulations

Hey. Just wanted to say Congratulations! I loved your story. Even though everything was quick and not your dream wedding, it sounds like it was a very happy and romatic time anyway. I wish you both lots of happiness and I pray for his safe return home.