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Ok, you know I'm missing my soldier when I'm posting twice in one night.... lol he just left 2 days ago and I do not have a mailing address for him yet but I am trying to put together a care package for him so that I can mail it the moment I get an address. This is my first package so Im not so sure what to send and any ideas would be appreciated. I spent a fortune at Dollar Tree today lol so far here is what I have....

Food:  ( I bought all of the food in snack size bc he likesto carry it all in his pockets lol)
- peanut butter crackers
-beef jerky
- peanuts
-hot tamales ( his favorite)
- sunflower seeds
-granola bars
- popscicles (the ones in the plastic sleeve, this was a special request of his)
- single gatorade pouches
- I also plan on baking some stuff but I'll wait for that until I get an address 

Personal stuff:
- eye drops
-travel size gold bond 
-travel size baby powder
-hand sanatizer in a pen sized spray 
-travel size of his favorite shampoo
-a little mini hand held fan ( like it will really help lol)
- travel size dental brushes ( he said they use the large ones to clean their weapons so mini ones couldn't hurt, right?)
- trave packs of personal/baby wipes

Fun stuff:
- a whole bunch of water balloons
- a whooppee cushion
- travel peg game ( like you play at Cracker Barrel restaurant, he loves that thing)

And of course all kinds of sweet love message stuff ;) I'd like to send some more fun stuff that he and his friends would enjoy and just stuff to keep them entertained. Any ideas? Any help would be nice!


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Mine always asked for pictures. Pictures of anything, especially home, pictures of us, and anything GREEN. I would go print out a packet of them and attach sticky labels to the back with messages, quotes, labels, just whatever. Magazines and stuff that relates to his interests, too. Sounds like you are pretty on top of it though. =) And yes, definitely, go for the flat rate large boxes, there's a discount if you are sending to an APO address.

Little water guns!!! :) haha. Or maybe a football or so. Even those foam like ones? Cards? Just some ideas... haha. I'm not sure all what your guy likes or anything. But I am sure he'll appreciate it all!

I sent my man some pictures of the family. I made him some homemade rice crispy treats and brownies. Dont send anything thats going to melt. It get up to 135 during the day. I also sent little things from home to remind him of Texas, like some shells from the beach. Also if you go to the post office they have flat rate boxes you can get. The boxes are free to get. I think it also only costs like $12 to send the box. You can message me anytime if you have any questions.