Always Proud Of My Soldier

Today I had to pick up my soldiers uniform from the dry-cleaners, at first the man asked me if the uniform was mine and I couldnt help but laugh, however with a smile I told him no actually it belongs to my fiance, he's the soldier in the relationship. The man then looked at me and said "thank you" and I must have given him a look of confusion because he then proceeded to say "thank you to you and your soldier for what you do". Now I am not to sure what he was thanking me for, but when people thank my soldier, especailly when we are out together and he is in his uniform and people come up and shake his hand I always feel a sence of pride. And although I dont say it out loud I make sure people know how Proud I am of my soldier just by holding his hand and the smile on my face. I am proud to stand by my man everyday.

 I am sure you all know this proud feeling when you are with your soldiers. So here is a thank you girls to your soldiers and to you.

Stay Strong and stay Proud! 
MannsGirl121 MannsGirl121
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1 Response Jul 10, 2010

Your little story gave me chills!!! :) I'm sure he was saying thank you to you because there are people out there who realize that our soldiers still need support. And we are the ones who continuously (sp?) give them that support day in and day out.<br />
<br />
So thank you too girly! And of course, your wonderful soldier! :D