I'm Missing Him Tonight....

So i write. Not too him- just for him.  :)

Why can't I miss you?
Clutching to the closest thing I have of you.
Crying out loud to you.
I need to be strong.
The nights only linger- carrying on.
And I can't help but think...
It's too much.
It's too much to cry.
Always Isolated. Always Alone.
But you will never know.
I am too strong.
But too weak.
Too weak to know how much I can handle.
How much I can take.
I'll break before I have time to bend.
In the end no one will know,
Cuz I'm too strong.
The series of tears stream down my face
& meet the only place willing to catch them.
And me.
The floor knows I'm strong- I have the strength to go on,
& Wipe away the puddle my weakness created.
I can't show the signs- I'm too strong.
I have a heart.
Willing to bleed love for you.
I feel our time apart is only making me break.
Making me do things I'd never do.
I'm missing you.
I need the sound of your voice.
The soothing, rational sound of your voice.
Hanging onto every word-
Praying for every letter.
"It's going to get better"
-But never easy.
People who know me trying only to please me.
But nothing will do but the sound of your voice.
The deep, calming sound of your voice.
This house is empty.
Lonliness is the only commodity this distance has leant me.
Rereading over & over
the last letter you sent me.
Just imagining the sound of your voice.
Where is this man I love?
your scent is fading- I'm missing it.
But when push comes to shove-
I'm missing you.
I'm missing you
& the sound of your voice.
The silent clarity in the sound of your voice.

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1 Response Jul 11, 2010

i absolutely love this. did you send it to him?