My Fiance Wants To Re-enlist And Move Out Of The States!!!

Hello ladies,

So i finally heard from my soldier and he asked me if i would like to go to Germany. I said yes because i always wanted to travel with him. Then i ask him why and he told me that he wants to re-enlist himself for another two years. And he wants to move out of the states to Germany or Hawaii. Ill go any where with him. But i want us to choose the best army base for me and him. We are thinking about Germany, Hawaii and Japan. I want to know if anyone lives there or at least know about the bases over there and the community. Help me please. Im a new yorker and i dont want to be in a place that is so different from nyc.
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Let me know if you end up heading to Germany!! My soldier & I are Germany boud (Kaiserslautern) in December....and we are so so excited! I have heard wonderful things from friends of ours in the Army who LOVED Germany ( I think the exact quote was "You would be stupid to pass this up" haha). Plus, you can easily travel places like France, Italy, Prague, etc by taking the romantic! I definitely had my reservations about the Army when he first joined, but now I am trying to just embrace the opportunitites it is presenting us with

Hawaii would be completely different, Incredibly warm, and HUUUUGE bugs. Grossest things I have EVER seen, lol. The beaches would be a plus though (:<br />
Japan would be cool, the houses are so cool there! Look at this one, <br />
I don't think I'd want to go to Japan - i've never been there, though. lol.<br />
Germany is BEAUTIFUL, and the most like New York out of the three, at least the cities are!<br />
<br />
good luck with your choice! (:<br />
I'd just google <br />
Hawaii, Germany & Japan alot if I were you, lmfao.

Although I didn't get to go to Germany with my soldier he was there for some time and he loved it. let me clarify his exact words were " Germany is awesome, being in the Army in Germany sucks" lol hope that helps some.

I like Germany the most. I've been there and it's pretty amazing. I actually wouldn't say it's too far from new york, like cities, it snows, it rains, lost of people, (: