7 Letters And A Card!!

         I just wanted to share..... Just when I was thinking that I couldn't handle one more day with out him, I came home from work and checked the mail. All day I had been having a rough time and I kept telling myself to not exepect anything to come. But when I opened the mail box and there was SEVEN letters and a card, all with his handwritting on the front, I was estatic!!! I raced inside to read them and was so happy I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, so I did both :).  While at the PX store he bought me a card, he knows how much card mean to me. I go shopping specifically for cards and can spend hours in a card shop! It is so cute, it says "on a scale of one to ten.... I miss you a million!!" To know that he thought of me and actually spent time picking out a card warmed my heart and filled me with joy! I love my soldier so much! He is doing really well, and I am glad. He had a little mishap in recieving and was injured, but he still insisted on going on to basic. The doctors cleared him, but just said it would take twice as long to heal with all of the physical activity, so I have been really worried that he has been in a lot of pain. He is actually enjoying basic, and though he still misses me and can't wait to come home, he is having fun. Who would have thought someone would like boot camp, but my man has always loved stuff like this. Another girl I work with is going through the same thing right now, her bf is in the marienes, and he also is loving boot camp. And they hold his letters often so she doesn't get very many :(. We both said the hardest part about all of this is the fact that we feel like we have no real place to belong, we have always viewed our boyfriends as our best friends, and they us. Both of us have really close knit relationships with our men, and anywhere we are with them feels like home. So now not having them here is hard b/c we don't belong anywhere.
        But those letters definitely made my day, my week, my month! He has been writting me every day so far, like he promised, though I get them like a week later, and I love him dearly for it!!! It took me hours to reply to all of them, but 11 pages later, I was done. I write him so much already, but it is what keeps me going and I feel connected to him, and I know they help him. Just thought I needed to share my happiness with someone who would truly understand how much those letters meant :)!!

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Thats really sweet :) I also am exttemely close to my soldier and being anywhere without him just makes me feel lonely and empty! I hope your soldier keeps doing well and you get to talk to him again soon!!!