Perfect Quote.

So, I was facebook stalking my best friend, lol, and I came across a group that she had joined titled "You may be single, but my boyfriend isn't, so leave him alone." I laughed when i read that one. There are these two girls that are OBSESSED with my boyfriend. Brittany and Jenna. I've verbally ***** slapped them a million times, but they still haven't gotten off his back.
They even had the balls to start a fight with me on one of his status' THE DAY THAT HE WAS LEAVING. He got so pissed, he called them both and told them to "shut the fuxk up and leave Alyssa alone." and of course they played the "SHE STARTED IT!" card, and he just hung up on them. He also told them to shut up on his status. and I told him to delete them, but he didn't, dumb bastard, lol. 
I was looking through his pictures today, and Jenna commented on one saying "ughhh...." and I was like wtf? so I commented saying "soo, uhm. WHY are you saying ugh?" no response of course.
Then Jenna tries to make it look like we're BFF's and writes on my wall saying "Hey lovely :)" "Hey lil lady!" "hey!" "hi" all of the time, along with THIS incredibly long & stupid one,

"iff you ever need to call me and talk im here to talk alyssa.. (: alwayss. lol soon everything will be better.. hopefully soon he will be back and in your arms!!! ((((: lol.. he needs you and you need him nd he wants to help the country as what he is doing now he has a good heart and will always be that way.. he may always have girls talking to him.. but there is only room for one to fullfill his heart and i believe you have done the trick women.. tehe!!!! loveee everything is aweeesome"

I don't reply to any of her messages/comments, I don't fall for games. I was just like, wtf? call YOU?! HAHAH.
Then on our anniversary's she writes on his wall saying "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO YOU AND ALYSSA ISAAC! I LOVE YOOOOU N ALYSSA." im just like wtf dude, shut the **** up. then she likes all of my status'.
Brittany doesn't bother talking to me anymore.
Me and her were arguing over a message because she TOLD ME "yeah, id love to be friends with you but i still like isaac, i think i love him." 
I was just like, dude.. shut the fuxk up, one, two, my boyfriend doesn't want your ugly twig ***.
so she had her friends yell at me, which I just laughed at. then she messaged me saying "I don't want your ugly acne faced boyfriend and nobody does, get over yourself." then she wrote on his wall saying
"I hope everythings good! I miss you."
and I took the liberty of commenting on it and told her to quit being two faced, and not to talk **** on my boyfriend, TO ME, then write on his wall.
She of course denied talking ****, so I then Copy and Pasted what she said onto it. and she deleted her comments.

I may sound like an over protective bitcch.
Im not over protective.
Im just protective.
and a Bitchh. when it comes to girls flirting with my boyfriend.
Which happens ALL THE TIME. 

armyygirlfriendd armyygirlfriendd
18-21, F
Jul 11, 2010