My Story Of My Solider

Although my boyfriend Rob and I have not been dating that long it feels like its been forever now, we spend so much time together and we just clicked instantly! were so great for each other and i adore him with everything i have! He is leaving for basic in three days, =[ I'm pretty upset about  it, although i have been through this one other time before so although it seems oh so familiar doesn't mean its not gunna be hard! just the waitng for the calls and the letters and reading them and not being able to talk to him for a long time or see him! And i am so afraid while hes gone hes going to change into a differnt  person and that hes going to change his mind on us or second guess us being toghether, I know I need to just keep staying busy and try not to concerate on this too much and just be there and support him all the way through! 
Robsgirl2929 Robsgirl2929
18-21, F
Jul 11, 2010