My Army Story

Mike's been a friend of mine for years. We went to high school together, wrote books together in Spanish class, passed notes, ran track together. He was my bus buddy, and we invented silly field events and listened to music together at meets, even worked together for awhile. I already had a boyfriend, and he had a girlfriend awhile later, but we were always good friends. The kind of person you can tell anything to and who will be there whenever those who are supposed to be there let you down. So, one day after we graduated he called to tell me he joined the Army. He didn't tell anyone first, not me, not his family, or the girlfriend he still had. Well, I went to college, he went to basic, fast-forward a couple years, and my bf of 3 years dumps me the first week of classes, and Mike's gf leaves him a couple days after he gets home for mid-tour leave. Just like always before, the times in between where we didn't see each other didn't matter. We both knew how to be there for each other as friends, and decided it was becoming something more. I spent the last nine months of his deployment just like everyone else, waiting for messages, overjoyed at a phone call, and pasted to Skype, when it was available. He came back at the beginning of June, but I was only able to see him for 4 days since we live over 1000 miles apart even when he's in the States. I've seen him twice since then, but have 6 months to wait til I can see him again. Wish I had known about this during deployment, so if anybody wants to talk about it let me know.
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I know the feeling and I was scared alot.Now we have the year behind us,we both are like damn that year gone fast,lol

Thank you very much. It just must be a hard life being so far away from the one you love and only getting to see them for short period of times sometimes, and i am just at the start of this life and scared of how to handle it.

cherish the moments you have together, lots of phone calls, web cam convos, letters, and lots of patience and effort. You find ways to distract yourself between the times your not talking to your love. And keeping that long distant relationship takes so much effort. You just set your mind to it and you can do anything.<br />
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And yea, I was sleep deprived too back when my guy was in AIT and i had classes at 8:15 in the morning.

It's one of those things that everyone says they can't do...until you don't have a choice. Not saying it's not hard. You learn how to keep in better contact as you go too, I can give you lots of tips on that. We were both pretty sleep deprived cause I go to school full time and work two jobs, and he has weird sleep habits on top of the 9.5 hour time difference. Trust the people around you to support you, and if you need somebody to listen I'd be happy to. I know how it is, and most people are either amazed or just don't get it.

How do you get through being away from the person you love so much for so long? not being able to talk to or see them for so long, how do you handle it?