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My first phone call from a random number on my phone. I wasn't going to answer it at first because i'm pretty shy and i don't like answering the phone when it's a random number. Something told me that i should answer it and so i did. I said "hello" kind of rudely and then i hear "Hey Baby It's Okay It's Just Me" and my heart started instantly skipping beats. He then told me that he forgot to write my address down which i know is a lie because he sent me out letters earlier this morning, unless he just wrote the address on the letters he sent and didn't write it down on anything else. He told me that he wrote two letters for me and one letter for my dad and that i wasn't to read the letter that he wrote my dad.

I have a pretty good idea of what it's about. We're engaged but he never asked my dad for my hand in marriage and i'm pretty sure that's what it's about. My hearts still skipping beats and i can't wait until the letters come. I miss that boy so much. I need new letters to read, i read the letters he wrote me before he left for bootcamp over and over again everynight after i write him to fall asleep.

I'm so happy i heard his voice i missed it. He told me goodnight and that he loved me, which i'm so used to hearing on my ringtone that it sounded so weird to hear it over the phone for real.

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YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! glad you heard from him

Aww! That is so sweet girl! I use to be just like you and afraid to answer unknown numbers. That is until he left for basic! Now I'll answer them because you just never know who they might be. :) haha. It is super cute he wrote your dad a letter too! That's adorable. :) Especially if it is for the reasons we all think it is! haha. Feel free to message me anytime girl. :)

haha awh yeah its really hard when you miss a call from them, it like ruins your whole day , i hate it so much! my boyfriend now has not even left yet hes leaving in three days and than i will still have a whole nine weeks! -=[<br />
but ive been through this all before , i was with a solider of the army for two years, and the guy i am with now is the second guy ive ever been this serious about, i adore him so much im gunna miss him like crazy!

lol that's really funny. =] He's like you're alarm clockkkk

he's only been gone a week and he has an accent already and i was like umm are you sure it's you baby. haha and he's like of course it is who else would it be

lol i know what you mean<br />
<br />
yesterday, I missed his phone calls because of work and was sooo upset the rest of the day. So to get me back for not answering his phone call, he calls me at 6am -_-U and when i answered, he's screaming "WAKE UP!! WAKE UP!! WAKE UP!!" over and over. lol i love my dork

His voice always sounded so strange on the phone after long times in between. I got so used to talking through text that it was like hearing a new voice all over again. Such a strange feeling...

haha. that's what i was thinking. i mean it's not that late but i never get calls after 10 so it completely caught me off guard

lol that reminded me of one of my first phone calls from my soldier. It was likt 1 in the morning, I finally was able to fall asleep, and someone with a weird number calls me. My first thought was "who is calling me so freaking late?"

thanks i'm trying. Hearing his voice makes it all worth while. He's an amazing guy

Awwh yeah it feels so nice just to talk to them even if it is just for a few seconds or minutes, hang in there, i know what its like, its tough :(