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so my army guy hasnt yet started he hasnt started basic or anything i jus found this site today and was hopin people on here could really help me thru everything, he has already signed a 6 year or mayb it was 4 year contract with them. but thats not the point everytime i think about him leaving i worry and i need support from people who is going through this and has done it for awhile just so i dont lose my mind thinkin of the love  of my life being shot at its scary :(  but something i will have to get used to since he wants to retire from the army. well if anyone would like to help me through this let me know thanks  :))
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Hey girl! I have been with my boyfriend for just over 3 years and he has been in the Army for just over a year. Feel free to message me if you need to talk or anything!

thanks :) i know im the luckiest girl to have found him well i guess it was fate bc we ran into each other :) but im excited and scared and nervous all at the same time :) but im ready

We all have been where you are. I joined this site when I first got with who is now my husband. We have been through quite a bit and he too wants to make a career out of the military! All I can say is, some days you will hate it, some days you will cry, but nothing means so much as when he comes home. We are lucky in a way, us army girlfriends and wives, who else gets to fall in love over and over and over again with the man of their dreams? I feel like every time I get to see my husband again, we fall in love again. :)

ya he isnt sure quiet yet but he'll say one thing and tell me what it is and if it sounds like i dont like it ill say no even tho he knows i want him to do what he wants and he starts basic next month

Don't worry too much yet. Do you know when he leaves or what he wants to do? Just be together as much as possible cause you'll treasure and look back over every memory you can come up with while he's gone. I think it'd be a whole lot easier for me if he weren't stationed so far away even when he's in the States.

just wait till you get your first phone call/letter. it's the best call/letter you'll ever have

thanks alot :)) i always wanted an army boyfriend/husband and now that i've found him deep down i understand why but i cant put it in words. alli know is im scared to death when he leaves

There's tons to learn and it's crazy but getting through it makes you stronger, and makes you mean so much more to each other! I'm here to talk, I miss mine right now.