Falling Asleep At Night

Has become so hard ):
I lay in bed, and have so many thoughts, so many questions running through my head that I can't sleep.
Every time I'm close to falling asleep I'll have some weird like pre-dream or thought or something that he died, or got hurt, or doesn't want me anymore, and I'll wake up and never want to sleep again.
I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. 

He's been gone 2 months..
why now?
armyygirlfriendd armyygirlfriendd
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4 Responses Jul 12, 2010

awe! well you guys are cute together! so 3 months apart so far? jeeze. my boyfriends been at basic since May 12th. so, two months and one day! how long will he be in japan for?

We have been married about six months now. its crazy how time flies.. He has been in Japan since April 1st!!! And dont worry, i complain sometimes to and theni feel stupid. and you can message me as well!

): awe! im sorry. I did the same thing the beginning of basic. I hope I will. I had it down good. But every time I get to text him (which I did on Saturday) it seems to go back to being as hard as it was in the beginning. <br />
Im sorry! How long have you been married?? you two are adorable:)<br />
I do the same also.<br />
my boyfriends only in basic, and in south carolina for training, im in missouri.<br />
the fact that im complaining and we've only been dating for 6 months, and hes only states away, and youre MARRIED and hes in a different country makes me feel bad for complaining! <br />
How long is he going to be in Japan for?<br />
I hope everything goes well!<br />
feel free to message me if you're ever on and cant sleep or anything.<br />
im usually up all night!

my husband is stationed in japan and i havent seen him since april. :( i am suppose to be moving over there soon. He just went on a week long mission and i know exactly how you feel. falling asleep with out him is so hard i remember the first weeks he was gone in basic i would just cry myself to sleep. Its just hard for me to sleep with out him right bye me. I know its hard, and it doesnt get easier. but i think that with time you learn how to deal with it.. its been almost a year since he joined and we havent been together more than 2 months. it just seems natural when i cant sleep. i usually go on here or watch a movie. i hope you get to see him soon!