I'm new to this site :D

I'm Brittany.. I'm 18 and live in NC. I am engaged to my soldier! His name is Patrick. He's 21 and just started basic training! I am new to this lifestyle.. I love to meet new people!
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hey, i'm seventeen and live in Pennsylvania. My soldier and I have been together for a little over a year now. He is stationed in Germany right now for two years, and is getting deployed in January to Afghanistan. Feel free to message me!

thanks yall!!! We just got off the phone for the last time for a while :( He heads dr tomorrow!!

Welcome!!!!!!!!!!! Im 22 and im dating a National Guard soilder named Greg!!! This site is awesome!!!

Heyy Chica, I'm 18 and live in New York. I've been with my soldier for one year andd almost two months. He left for basic on the 6th of this month. If you ever need to talk just message me =]

Hey there girly! :) I am 19 and I live in Arizona. I've been with my soldier for just over 3 years. He is also 19. We are currently preparing for his first deployment! Feel free to message me to just talk or anything!

Welcome! I'm 22 and live in Ohio. I've been dating my soldier for almost 2 years. He's been in the Army for over 5 years - he only has about 10 months left on his contract! If you ever need advice or support, this is definitely the place to be. Message me if you ever need to talk about your new Army girlfriend life!! :-)