So my soldier left on Saturday to go into the field for a month. Again. Stupid pre-deployment training! I know it is necessary for them to go, and I am glad that they are able to keep sharp on their skills, so to say, but I miss him a lot. The hardest part is not being able to say goodnight to each other before we go to bed. I always text him good night and good morning, but I feel bad because when he is finally able to turn his phone back on he'll be bombarded with like 30+ messages! lol. I guess I just needed to get it off my chest. I'm trying to deal but every little thing irritates me. I am pretty sure it is because I have NO CLUE what is going on. :/ But, that's the live we live. :) It's a learning process for me. haha. And once I finally get use to it! He comes home! :P Hopefully I will adjust a lot quicker this time.

Thanks for letting me vent girls.

Stay strong! I hope your soldiers are safe and that you get to see them soon!
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That is for sure true!!!

anytime, we all need as much as we can get!

Haha. Yeahh. I am using it is a practice. lol. Although, when he deploys I am sure it'll be much harder than it is right now. I'm not sure how much my soldier will check his email but I will probably email him about 798437592857230 times a week. haha. I looove writing letters so it's good to hear that they do appreciate hand-written letters! :) Ohhh the joys of deployment. lol. Hopefully school will keep me busy enough during the next year and a half. Thanks for the advise and support girl!

During those field exercises I had to treat it as training for me too... I also would text my boyfriend good morning and good night... when he was first deployed I would email him instead of text him... jokingly he now says when he has 30 new messages in his inbox, that he hopes they're not ALL from me LOL... though generally about 10 are. Funny enough, I just found out 7 months into his deployment, he still wants hand written letters! So, now I'm trying not to email so much... but then by the time I write a letter, he calls! :)