Sorry girls. This is just me ranting and raving and venting about a friend of mine.

So here I go... Okay. I have been friends with this girl for like 5 years now. She lives just over an hour away so when she drives down here she like to stay for a while. Well, the other day she asked if she could come down and hang out and stay with me. So of course I said yes. I had actually been looking forward to having some girl time since Bryan is in the field. Yah know, to keep my mind from making me go crazy. Well, I JUST got a text from her. I was expecting her to be here any minute becaue before she came over she went to see another friend of our and have lunch. Well, her text only said "sorry girl. i cant stay with you this weekend." Well, now I am just so irritated! I have wasted MY WHOLE DAY cleaning and getting ready for her to come over. So, most of my day has been shot waiting on her. I am just irritated with her and how she always bails on me!
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Ugh how annoying! I have friends like that too, that flake out on plans...its upsetting enough when its a regular weekend, but like you said, you were counting on some girl time to take your mind of things. Try not to be too upset- take yourself out for a pedicure- that always relaxed me & makes me smile

That sounds like a good idea :) When I'm down, I love hanging out with my nieces. They always make it better somehow.

Yeah. I'll do something if I can think of it. For now I am just like, whatever. lol. I'll have fun with my family instead.

Awh, that sucks! I HATE when people do that! Not only is it inconsiderate and hurtful, but it is such a let down to be looking forward to something, then not have it happen :( You should do something really fun for yourself this weekend instead!! :)