Germany Bound

Hi everyone!

I'm new to this site and thought maybe it would be a good way to get some advice from some people experiencing the same thing as me.  I've been together with my boyfriend for 3 1/2 years, we met in college and spent almost eveyday together and it had been wonderful.  After we graduated, he was sent around to some trainings and ended up in fort benning for a while for ranger school.  All of that was pretty tough and it was a lot harder to try to go see each other, but i knew it wouldn't be too long until I could see him again.

Now he is leaving in a few weeks for germany for 2 years (6 months of which he will spend in afghanistan).  I have been able to handle all of the short trainings no problem but i have no idea how to cope with him leaving for 2 years, and i'm scared for him to go to afghanistan.  I don't know what to do, and I know that me being upset makes things a million times harder on him.  Can anyone help me get through this so that I can be strong for him and give him 100% of my support? 
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My man is off to Kaiserslautern, Germany in December ( not sure about deployment yet), so I can definitely sympathize. One it not an option for you to go too??<br />
My boyfriend of 6 years & I are planning to get married in September, so I will be lucky enough to go with him! We are so looking forward to exploring Eurpope together, and embrace the new adventure! He is an officer, so not sure if that is a factor??

i'm going through exactly what you are. my boyfriend left for germany in june for two years. and, he is getting deployed to afghanistan in january. i thought him leaving for germany was going to be harder than basic training and ait. but, now that my man is in germany he can call me regularly and he skypes me daily. it's nothing like being in person but it's a lot better than one five minute phone call a week. <br />
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i'm not saying that my boyfriend being in Germany is easy, but if you're in love.. it's worth it. I'm sure everything will work out.. It's tough, but having a boyfriend/husband in the military brings out a strength in you that you never realized you had. If you need someone to talk to, I'm here. I hope what I said helps!