He Never Stops Surprising Me!

Alright, so my soldier is in the field for the next 3 weeks, but today they ended up not really doing anything so he was texting me most of the day! :) Anyways, he asked me what I was thinking about so I told him that I was thinking about how I can't wait to be with him again. And randomly, out of FREAKING no where he replied and asked if I would ever get married before I finished school. I'm in my second year of college and I am in a hurry to get it done so I can move out to where ever he will be at the time so we can finally be together.

Now, this question took me COMPLETELY by surprised because I had always thought that he didn't want to talk about it, almost like it was bad luck or something. So after a little conversation about it, I told him it surprised me he asked something like that. Only for me to find out that he thinks about it all the time!!! :D Haha. He said that his only fear would be that if we were to get married now, or before I finish school, then I wouldn't want to finish school. :/ And he knows how important it is to me that I get my degree.

I'm not sure exactly where this leaves us but I was extremely surprised and happy!!! Just to know that he has at least though about it. :D

I hope all of you girls are staying strong and that your men are safe. I sure hope you get to see/hear from them soon!!!
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Follow your heart! I am going back to school thanks to my man! He is soo supportive and going to school helps the time go by faster! ;)

AWWWHH girly! I think you can do both. I mean it's not like he's there with you all the time. it would pretty much be the same the only difference is you'll have a ring on your finger and call him husband instead of boyfriend but your feelings won't change & school will still be important to you. See when I look at marriage I just see it as a piece of paper & rings around fingers that legally bind you together with someone else...because if you think about it, you can love someone, and live with them and not be married and when you marry someone you already love them and devote your life to them so it's not like anything's really changing except what you refer to each other as and the fact that now the government sees you as one instead of two.

Haha! I couldn't even say that 1 time fast girly! lol. I have 3 years left of school. :( I'm studying Elementary and Special Eduaction. Bry agrees that school is VERY important. And he is always pushing me to do my best. So, I guess we will just take it as it comes! :)

I always said that I would never get married before finishing my degree. Well never say never lol I think things are a little different when you are with a soldier, especially with mine being deployed. We are married but he is not here so it really has no effect on my schooling. We also have an agreement that my school is my career right now and he supports me in my career just as I support him in his. How much longer do you have in school? I've got 2 semesters left before recieving my Bachelors of Business Management in Hospitality and Resort Management. try saying that 3 times fast. lol