Yep- Another Poem- :) full of poetry these days. something about being alone all the time & missing him inspires me to write. I didnt take time to edit this poem so sorry :) i wrote this for my hunny (who i also call my Dorkfish lol). He is overseas now and will be home for his R&R in january. Not too much longer....right...?!?! :( 

Dear Lord,
keep him close
in your arms tonight.
you see,
I cant reach him.
so hold him tight.
A country at war
a burden he must bear.
if you look close to my heart
you'll find his tags there.
You see, dear Lord
I'm trying not to cry.
He told me he loves.
And said I must try.
Keeping my head up
and holding it there.
But its hard with the reminders
and the dog tags i wear.
And the boots, and the pictures,
and the things left behind
Keeps this quiet house cold.
And the lonliness mine.
Im not sure dear lord
What i'm trying to gain.
it just gets harder and harder
reading his name on this chain.
Dont worry about me Lord
Im sure i'll be fine.
I'm just wanting to hear his voice
on the other end of the line.
Wanting and needing.
with this endless hoping and praying.
turn into hourless nights
and forever days of just waiting.
So i guess what im asking
or attempting to say.
Is that when my nights
are becoming his days.
Bless him with hope
That soon he'll be done
Give him the courage
As strong as his gun.
And when my days
are becoming his nights.
please, dear Lord,
just hold him tight.

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2 Responses Jul 14, 2010

I just saw this, and even though you posted it months ago, it's beautiful and brought me to tears. <3 you've got a lot of talent

OMG i love it. =)