This Is It...

This is the day that we say our goodbyes... waiting for my boyfriends mom to pick me up to head down to see my robby get sworn in before he flys off to Kentucky :(( i dont want this to be the day that this happens. i am tired and just want him here and cuddle up in the blankets and just stay here! but nope gotta go say bye to him for i wont see him for three months . cant wait till family day gets here! 
once i get back from saying bye to him i am coming back here and curlying up in my blankets, and probally crying a bit.
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9 Responses Jul 14, 2010

Yes it makes me remember how much i really miss him and want him around me again...he means tha world to me and i wouldnt trade my life for anything...StayStrong you have us to talk to && we need eachother the most right now!!

thank you so much! i need support from you girls right now so much! cause like i said no one really understands besides you girls, so im so glad i found this website, and hope it will help me get through this.<br />
and i am so sorry that does suck, your so happy to get a call but than at the same time it makes you so sad cause it reminds you how much you miss them.

I agree it sucks not having support from your closest friends...It sucks to say goodbye, My bf has another two months left in afghanistan,I got a phone call from him tonight and i started crying i want him home i want to be in his arms...If you EVER need anything girl message me im here for you we need eachother the most right now!!

yeah i know right, my friends and stuff just dont get it! and i cant believe its only been two days and i already miss him like crazy! so i can not even imagine what its gunna be like for three long months! i am not looking forward to it and i really dont know what im going to do for three months like how im going to make it!

i think most of the girls on here will agree, that most of your friends won't get what you're going through, because you have to live it to understand it. the girls on here are full of support! just keep yourself busy!

Thanks (: im really hoping i get support from people on this website cause not a lot of my friends or family gets this stuff, so its hard when you need someone to talk to,<br />
but yeah im gunna realy try to stay busy cause it will keep me from not crying, and i can not wait for the day when im in his arms agian!!

aaawww i am sorry ... i know saying goodbye is really hard ughhhh <br />
i just hated watching him go back to iraq... dont worry girlie time will fly <br />
just try and keep busy, i know easier said then done believe me i know <br />
the first couple of weeks are hard but you will get through it! <br />
if you ever need anything i am here for you hope you feel better <br />
that day will come where you get to be back in his arms again!

yeah said goodbye to him today, i started crying as i saw him go up the stairs to get on the plane. :( i'm gunna miss him soo much, oh i can not wait till it get downs to the single digits!! i will be the happiest girl ever haha. (:<br />
yeah thanks (:

:( i remember that day, i'm sorry girl! the first couple of days are pretty hard. but, it'll get easier. once you start getting the letters in the mail, your stomach will do little flips everytime you get one. :) three months may seem like forever, but just wait until you're counting down the days.. and you get down to the single digits.. it's the best feeling. if you need anything, just message me. be strong!