Well Here Goes Yet Another Love Story...

Well here goes yet another love story...
so it was junior year in high school and it was the best year of the three so far an thats when i met him. Michael is his name and believe it or not we didnt even know we excisted until half of the school year was gone. We met, we talked, we flirted, but neither of us would admit to liking the other. And so i stood by as i saw him go in and out of relationships with other girls (well just 2). I thought i knew a lot about him but it wasnt until seniour year that we began to go out.
from the begining i knew that i wanted him in my life it didnt matter how i was fine with being just the friend but something about him made me want to stick around. We were going out for two months when he told me that he was inlisted in the army. and that rose so many questions. At first i was afraid to get too close or attached you could say but as the time passed i realized that I really loved him that I had loved him from the start. when he left for basic training i was devestaded and everything was very hard and its onlyy getting harder now that hes deployed.
We will be going out for 3 years on agust 27th. He proposed to me last christmas and the last time i saw him was on the 13th of june. I miss him and i cant wait to be his wife but this has also risen a lot questions in mind. I feel ready and there is nothing i want more than to be with him but we are young and life is just begining for the both of us. However, despite everyones opinion about us being too young to be married I truly feel i have found THE ONE. Hes my best friend and to make things short my everything.
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awww thats so cute! and august 27th is my birthday! :) <br />
follow your heart! if you and your soldier believe you are ready then i wish you both all the very best! :)

aw! :) that's so cute. if you feel ready to get married, and start your lives together, then go for it. everyone is going to have their opinions! i get told everyday that my relationship will never last, don't let them phase you! but anyways, that was really cute, and i wish you guys the best of luck!