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well Ive only gotten one email from my now official bf. I'm so happy about that. i still cant believe that we are a couple. but sadly i dent feel like his gf. i feel like if I'm lying about the relationship. then at times i feel like if i should be doing something for him, I'm not quite sure why i feel like this, I'm guessing that its because he is so far away? i just hope things get better when he comes back. but then i have the thoughts of his ex fiance wanting to do everything in her power to try to get him back. although he said he would never get back with her because of their history. we live in diff cities so when he gets back i wont get to see him as often as id like. and its not like i can just pack up and leave I'm in the middle of finishing college and with a baby packing up and leaving isn't so easy. i feel so frustrated and alone. none of my friends are going through this or for the most part gone through this. i have no one to talk to at home..i just want to be the gf he deserves... he has been through alot and he is an amazing guy. i just want to make him the happiest hes ever been.

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I agree with Chrisie!!! Its hard but you gotta to remember just as they are doing what they have have to stay Army strong and support your man. Its hard but you can do it.

lol thnk u and dnt worry about the message. well i didnt get to say bye to him before he left because he had been out of town for 2 weeks and as soon as he got into texas he had to leave again but only prob is that this time it was for 18 months. we barely became official on the 6th of this month via email of course but i wouldnt have changed anything about it. i love him so much and like i told him this girl aint going going to stand by my man for as long as he wants me lol...and thanks again

my boyfriend is deployed in iraq right now i was with for only 2 month before he left <br />
most of our relationship has been long distance... and before he left to iraq i would go and vist him on his base which is a whole different state then me but we are from the same place so i love it when he's here on leave :)<br />
but it's hard being in love with someone in the army <br />
but you just learn to stay strong, i mean your going to have moments where you <br />
are just really sad but you wipe your tears and you go on with your life because thats what they want us to do... they want us to stay strong and know that we are okay.. i trust my boyfriend a 100% and i know he knows he can trust me too! i know how you feel really i wish i could we could be a normal couple but we are far from it.. so i think of it this way at least i get a first kiss more then once i get to say my boyfriend is a hero and that his job is to protect this country and i am more then proud to be a army girlfriend... hope to be his wife one day :)<br />
keep your head up girlie everything is going to be fine i'm here for you if you ever want to talk <br />
or if your feeling down because your right not to many people understand unless they are going through what we go through thats whats so great about this site it has gotten me through this deployment! sorry this comment is so long lol <br />
good luck!<br />

he is in afganistan right now he got deployed for 18 months we have 16 and a half more months to go. and i do i care about him so much. i fell in love with him almost instantlly. and i mean i wouldnt mind following him where he may go..but lucky for us he lives in his home town not at the army base. but yes thnk you it helped a little..i think i just need someone to talk to and i wish you many years of joy and happiness with ur hubby

It sounds like you really care for he in afghan right now or training? I'm an army wife and luckily wherever my husband goes I go...except to a war zone of course. Anyway, I guess what I want to say is that being an army wife is really tough, you have to be really strong and trust him entirely when he's away. I unfortunately don't have 100 percent trust in my husband which is one of reasons that we are seeing a counselor now...sorry idk if i helped much.