Bf Just Left For Basic

My boyfriend and I have been dating for a little over a year, and he just left for basic training almost a week ago, and he will be gone for 15 maybe more weeks. This past year with him we have never fought, and occasionally talked about him leaving and that if I waited for him there might be a future for us. I am so very in love with him, and my friends all think I am crazy for waiting. Of course, no one understands unless you're in the same situation. The last weeks and days of him leaving people kept giving him advice on what to do, and much of that advice was that he shouldn't leave in a relationship. I'm confident in our relationship and he bought me a promise ring before he left, but at the same time I'm also afraid he will forget about me and listen to all the advice he was given about relationships.
These last few days have been torture, and I am so anxious to get my first letter. :] I am really glad to have found this website, and I see that other girls and women are going through the same thing I am. If anyone has any advice on how to handle all this I would really appreciate it. :) ty. 
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I got a letter to :) he was in reception when he wrote it so it was very short, and straight to the point lol Kinda wished it was a little sweeter tho lol

I got his first letter yesterday! It was short but he was incredibly sweet and...well it was very romantic actually! He's so positive about it all, he's the kind of guy who just loves anything to do with being active. He said the worst part about it was missing me...I sent him a letter back today...

He left June 13th but didn't get to the fort until the 15th between all the travel and stuff

Hey, everybody! <br />
My name's Heather. My boyfriend left for West Point Prep School on July 15th 2010. He's in New Jersey this year and will be moved to New York for the next 4 years. I miss him so much, but his family and I are very close. His mom calls me every night and we pray together over the phone. I'm at school at UF right now and his family lives in Orlando, FL. The drive is about 3 hours, but I am going to spend time with them in 2 weekends. The family is very supportive for me and I'm very supportive for them. I write him a letter a day and send them off right when I finish writing them. I just want him to have a letter every night while he's there. I want him to know that I still think about him every single second of every single day. I am so thankful to see that there are so many of us going through this. I have a VERY deep respect for all of you! Please stay strong. They need us now more than ever before! Love you all. We are sisters!<br />
Have a blessed evening. Think about your soldier. Pray for his every breath. Love him even while he's gone. Cherish the good times, and look forward to the even better times.<br />
Love always, Heather

I don't think either of us needs to be worried (although we will be, we're girls) I know we'll hear from them. And aren't you proud of yourself that you've made it this long without dying or something? He'll know, without a doubt, how much you love him, when you've waited faithfully for him to come home, even if only for the ten day leave. And that will bring you so much closer. <br />
<br />
I mean, if we make it through Basic, I feel we can make it through anything! June 13th was the day he asked for my number at my grad party...he fell over he was so nervous!

He left June 13th but didn't get to the fort until the 15th between all the travel and stuff

What day did he leave for basic? Mine left July 5th.

yeahs i can totally understand that. Your guy has been there much longer than mine has :/. I'm sure you'll get a letter any day now though, my friend told me that sometimes they hold their mail for 3 weeks :( Just try to stay strong, esp in your letters to him because as much as its killing us its like you said a lot harder for them and these letters will fuel them as our memories fuel us. Just think in less than four months he'll be back with you. :)

I know! I have not, its driving me crazy. I know it isn't his fault, but thankfully his dad is giving me his address! I am a crazy person when it comes to the mail right now, I handed the stack to my mom and had her look through it. Then I cried. I know its much harder for our boys, but I want to just go back in time and hold him and kiss him more, now that I know how much those memories keep me going.

No not yet :( proli won't get one for a while either :/ have you?

Have you gotten a letter yet?

Omg that would be so awful if drill sergeants were really that mean :(

Oh man we should do it! They'd be so shocked. I read this book once where this girl sneaks into her guy's barracks, and then she gets discovered in his bunk and he gets discharged...<br />
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I need to start doing more stuff, because I've been lazy lately, and its given me too much time to worry about him and think about him and imagine these awful scenarios in my head, in one his drill sergeant discovers my picture, it has my address on it, too, and he tears it into shreds and forbids my bf from sending me letters. <br />
<br />
But I think the best things we can do is live our lives normally, but not forgetting our boys and praying for them and writing them.

Hahaha yeahs that would be funny :P I feel bad because as much as I miss him at times I feel like I don't because I think I'm trying to be as normal as possible here without him. I find myself doing more outgoing things lately just to have something interesting to write about haha. I would totally sneak into benning with you to see my guy. That would be amazing :)

Oh thanks so much for saying that! I do think they need us, my grandma was telling me how hard it is in basic training. I can't wait to get a letter from him! I think about him so much. I can't tell him how depressed I've been, but honestly except for going to work I hardly get out of my pajamas right now! <br />
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I keep fantasizing about him showing up or me sneaking into FB to see him, of course both of those things are impossible. Wouldn't that be funny if our boys ended up being in the same unit? And became friends?

MY guy is going for airborne to! I'm sure he still wants you guys together he needs you now more than ever. :) I know exactly how you feel cause last night I broke down and wrote him a letter to :) Imma try to write him a lot :)

We're in the same boat I'm so glad someone else understands! He did go into infantry and then is going to airborne right after, and we haven't been dating for very long so I NEED to hear from him to know he stills wants us to be together. <br />
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I hope you hear from your guy before you leave, I don't have his address either but I broke down and wrote him a letter last night, anyway, just to get my feelings out.

That's where my guy went :) and omg not weeks i can't wait that long lol. Plus, I'm so nervous I won't get his letter in time because my family is dragging me on a 2 week vacation to NH camping so I won't be able to get his letters there, and if I don't know his address I can't write either :( Did your guy go into infantry?

You said your boyfriend left just recently? My boyfriend left for Fort Benning on July5th. I wonder if our boys are at the same place! Have you gotten a letter yet? I keep hearing it takes two weeks, but I run to my mailbox full of hope every single day anyway!

My boyfriend left for basic/ait in February for 15 weeks, he is now stationed overseas. but. i remember all the useless advice given to me.. not saying that the advice given to you was useless, but i felt that it was pretty useless being that they had no idea what I was going through, and how heart-wrenching it really is. If you are in love with him, don't worry about what other people have to say girl! If he got you a promise ring, and if your relationship is strong he won't forget about you. If people were saying that he shouldn't leave in a relationship.. I don't believe that's really what our men are doing. He may not be physically there, but he is out there fighting for what so many people don't have the guts to do. They're making a life for themselves, they're fighting to protect us. Having a boyfriend in the army is not easy, but it makes your relationship so much stronger. We may not get to sleep next to our boyfriends every night, or go to the movies on the weekend with them. But when we do get to spend time with them, it's that much better. This site is a god-sent, It has really given me a lot of support. I'm sorry this was so long, but if you do ever need someone to talk to.. message me girl. :)