What Should I Get Him For Our One Year Anniversary?

okay i really dont know what to get my soldier for our one year anniversary that is next month... i know
it's kinda early but it's on august 4th and he is in iraq and i want to make sure it gets there rather before then after!
and i want to know what would be some good ideas on what to get him i am going to send him a care package
he doesnt know that i am sending him one. but i dont want it to be just another care package 
but what should i get him beside the normal things i send him?
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4 Responses Jul 15, 2010

thank you so much ladies these really help keep them coming haha i love the package idea to cute!

I got mine a spinner ring... on the front it had "J & K" on the inside has an inside joke only he would get... .it made him fall down with laughter... especially since I did the packing in foam, in a velvet pouch, in a small black box, in a white box wrapped with packing tape, in a brown box wrapped in felt, in an easy mac box, in another box, and again in the outer box. The main point of the ring was to make him laugh, and it worked... :)

For me and my guy's one year he wanted something small and personal, and something he could always have with him. So I got him personalized dog tags that just say how I'll always love him and to never give up. He's very passionate about going into the army so he really liked it.

hmm. My guy is gonna buy this camera that's shock, dust, water, and freeze proof. It's a fujifilm FinePix XP10. 12 mp and 5x optical zoom for like $150 on amazon (don't forget the memory card!). lol i know he doesn't have much time left but its an idea, right?