We Can Do This!

Hey ladies, so I'm feeling oddly positive tonight....strange lol
Anyway, I just thought I would give an update. He has been at basic training for a month now. Somehow I got lucky enough that he is in a company that doesn't allow phone calls and he says the drill sergeant is super tough. He talked to his friend that got to Fort Jackson 4 days after him and they get to keep their phones and they are already in white phase. My man is super frustrated with the people in his bay/company because they can't "follow simple instructions." I feel bad, but I try to just tell him to stay positive. He says he is happy in a way that his drill sergeant is tough because he doesn't want to get deployed with someone that is undisciplined and I couldn't agree more with that!
I'm also so proud of him! He got a 100% on the 9 Line MedEvac and passed (they didn't tell him what he got) the CLS (Combat Life Saver) Exam. He also got the highest score (264/300) on the Army Physical Fitness Test out of the whole platoon (230 soldiers!)
I also found this video on youtube that I absolutely love! It makes me cry, but it is full of the sweetest moments and reminds me what I have to look forward to!

Sorry for going on a rant :p
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This video was so amazing! I kept pausing so I would stop crying because I watched it with my family in the room. It makes me happy to know that I will get to experience running into my soldiers arms too.

That video was so precious! It had me in tears! Thanks for sharing!!