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My boyfriend and i havent been dating that long but i know hes the one. He leaves for basic training in sept and im really nervous because idk how im goin to handle it bc im not good with change. Hes going to be gone for 18 weeks and all we will be able to do is write letters. we see eachother everyday and talk nonstop so itll be a huge change but i just need some ppl who understand and it may be a little easier.
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4 Responses Jul 16, 2010

yeah i know what you mean, i am very glad i found this website and see all these other stories from other these other girls it makes me feel a bit better. i can not wait till i can start writing letters to him! <br />
i have one more hour of hope that he will call me tonight, cause he told me lights out are at ten its nine right now so hopefully he calls me soon!! :( i just need to hear his voice today, ive been missing him so much.

My story is similar, we've only been dating since June 30th, but we spent so much time together and talked constantly when we were apart. It is very difficult, I didn't realize what it would be like to suddenly have no contact, when I'm used to being in constant conversation with him, even when I was at work. <br />
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But I think once we start writing each other it will get easier, and if its meant to be, it will work out. I'm glad I found this site because I felt like I was the only one!

ha wow its crazy my situation is very similar to that, my boyfriend and i havent been dating for long but we spent so much time toghether we just know that we wanna stay toghether, and it really is a big change. before he left we were toghether for over a week straight like everyday. its only been two days for me and i am missing him like crazy. and now hes in reception so hes not on his unit so he can call but he lost his phone so he can only call on others phones so im just constantlly waiting for a call from him always making sure my phone has service and all that, so if you need someone to talk to i am in the same boat, im here! (:

I remember feeling the same way the last couple months before my guy left. You'll get through it, just keep your head up and start lookin forward to gettin letters in the mail :) My guy left this tuesday, and its been tough but it'll get better. Stay busy, and hang with family and friends. They help a lot. I'm not good with change either, in fact i really hate it, but sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together. You'll be fine :) make sure you write him a lot!